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Customizr v.3.0.15 : just a quick update before the next one!

11-26-2013 : Customizr v.3.0.15 is coming : just a quick update * added : (language) Catalan : thanks to <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Jaume Albaig&egrave;s</a>* fixed : (js) Slider : ie7/ie8/ie9 hack (had to be re-implemented) : thanks to @barryvdh (

Customzr Dev Tools

Customizr v3.0.10 is live : welcome to the Dev Tools!

Hi, The Customizr WordPress Theme v3.0.10 is live. A very promising (I hope!) new feature has been added in this release : the Dev Tools allowing developers to easily drill down into the theme’s code. Important note for Child Theme users The templates and the hook structure have been modified in this version. Check […]