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What is the Hueman WordPress theme ?

The Hueman theme is a website template  ( also called theme ) developped by  Press Customizr (1), that you can use with WordPress (2) to create your website. Like WordPress, it is free and open source ( GPL v3 licensed ).

The Hueman theme has a versatile design and is used on very diverse websites : small businesses, blogs, magazines, schools, church, personal websites.

It is usually recognized to look beautiful on mobile devices, load fast and be very easy to use.

In 2017, we are proud that the theme is the second best rated theme on the theme repository ( on more than 4000 themes ) and powering 80 000+ websites around the world.

You can check many of the theme’s features live in the  Hueman Theme demo.

  • (1) the theme was initially designed by Alexander Agnarsson.
  • (2) If you’re new to WordPress or if you don’t know exactly what a WordPress template ( also called WordPress theme ) is, head over to this page.


What makes the Hueman WordPress theme unique ?

Beside its design, the Hueman theme, with its free addons plugin, allow its users to customize any page of their websites independently from the others.

When you want to change the design of a particular page, navigate to this page of your website, and then click on the customize link of the top admin bar. This will open the live customizer

In the left panel of the customizer, you will be able to pick the relevant option scope that you need to customize.

For example, if you need to display the left sidebar only in your contact page, you will simply need to pick the options tab for this page, and then navigate to the page layout section, select your sidebar layout, and publish your changes.

This very specific feature allow you to virtually create any webdesign in any pages : colors, font, layout, content, etc…

Learn more about how to customize the Hueman theme here.


Download and demo links

If you want to design WordPress themes, but don’t have good enough php knowledge or foundation to build on, you are free to use this theme as base. It’s GPLv3-licensed. The theme documentation is also free to use (WTFPL).



Get started : install the Hueman Addons plugin first

The Hueman Addons is a free WordPress plugin and the companion of the Hueman theme. The plugin has been created because it includes features considered as plugin territory that can’t be included in a WordPress theme as per the platform rules.

The Hueman Addons plugin is required to enable all the customization possibilities offered by the theme.


The plugin also includes other features :

You can download the latest release of the Hueman Addons plugin here.


Where can I get documentation and support for the Hueman theme ?

  • Read the theme documentation here
  • Feel free to rate/review the theme here
  • If you have theme questions, go here


Now, let’s see some of the features included…







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