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Compatible with WordPress 3.4+ up to 4.8 (latest version)

Built Mobile First. Works perfectly on Android, IOS and Microsoft mobile devices

Compatible with all major browsers

Free updates, pro support by the developers and detailed documentation

Secured payment

★★★★★  Premium version of the popular Hueman free theme, best rated magazine theme of all times on as of June 25th 2017 with 552 five stars reviews. (source :



All plans allow you to install and use Hueman Pro for an unlimited period of time, and receive free updates and support for 12 months. Renewing your plan is not mandatory, your pro theme will not be locked or downgraded. You can also go for a lifetime update and support plan.

Last update : June 2017

Current Version : 1.0.9 (see the changelog)

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Hueman Pro theme feature infinite_scrolling

The world’s gone mobile. Hueman Pro is ready for it.

Today, more people search on mobile phones than computers, and your visitors are five times more likely to leave a mobile site that isn’t mobile-friendly.

The Hueman theme has been designed to look almost like an app on smartphones.
Our technology loads your posts and images just before becoming visible when scrolling down, which makes your site very fast and nice to read on mobile devices.

Engage more visitors with featured content

You can create attractive post headings like this one or here, and feature your most important content with image, titles and call to action, in any pages like here, or even on this page.
This is the best way to improve your visitors engagement on your website.

Hueman Pro theme feature pro_header

Hueman Pro theme feature font-customizer

Web Design is 95% typography.

Hueman Pro includes a totally unique font customizer module ( worth $29.95 as stand-alone plugin ), allowing you to instantly select and preview live 650+ Google Fonts and 40+ effects.

Any text of your site can be customized : titles, paragraphs, links, or even custom css selectors. You can for example create attractive headings like on this page in a few click.

Display your posts in a simple and beautiful way

The Hueman Pro theme helps you keep your visitors on your pages for a longer period of time with beautiful post lists style.

You can easily in customize live preview : classical, masonry, never ending scroll, number of columns, etc.

Hueman Pro theme feature grid-customizer

Infinite design possibilities

The Hueman Pro theme includes a unique customization technology allowing you to customize any page of your websites independently from the others.

You can for example set a specific menu to your contact page, or set specific colors, layout, fonts, to any pages, posts, categories, author pages...

Hueman Pro theme feature skope

Hueman Pro theme feature social

Connect your social profiles in a few clicks

Adding social links to your website is really simple. Select your icons, type your profile links and publish.

Beautifully documented

We're putting a lot of work in our documentation and we hope you'll love browsing it. You can instantly find answers with our suggested results.

If you think that something is missing, contact us and we'll add it right away.

Hueman Pro theme feature documentation

Hueman Pro theme feature support

World Class Support from WordPress Experts

Hueman Pro is super easy to use. But if you need help, our team of developer is here to make your life easier.

That's why our beloved customers give us industry leading happiness ratings.
Our average resolution time is less than 12h00.

Our WordPress themes have been featured by well-established companies


= 1.0.9 June 9th 2017 =
  • fixed : Font Customizer, avoid double slashes when defining wfc base url. Double slash might hurt caching plugins as when specifying the path of the scripts to treat in a different the double slash might make the match fail. Which is what happens with w3tc for example.
  • fixed : fix use of the add_editor_style wp function : needs relative paths. add rtl class to the inline font style in the wp editor see presscustomizr/customizr#926
  • updated : Font Customizer, wfc customizer colors
  • improved : Font Customizer, removed the requirejs dependency in conflict with WP4.8
  • improved : Font Customizer, deactivate the add_editor_style callback on after_setup_theme. Was not used in the editor and could trigger errors.
= 1.0.8 June 6th 2017 =
  • fixed : when topbar is sticky and header has an header image, wait for the image to be fully loaded before setting the header\'s height. Fix #486
  • fixed Issue in hu_get_raw_option, php warning. wp_cache_get( \'alloptions\', \'options\' ) should always be cast to an array(). It might happen that it returns a boolean. fixes #492
  • fixed : fix inaccurate smartload img regex pattern => file extensions were not correctly taken in account
  • changed : hu_get_placeholder_thumb() to hu_print_placeholder_thumb(). Retrocompatibility handled.
  • added : js matchMedia utility. fallsback on old browsers compatibility
  • improved : in hu_set_option remove redundant retrieving of theme options
= 1.0.7 May 22th 2017 =
  • fixed : related posts could be displayed twice in some specific cases where the server is slow
  • fixed : when the top bar sticky header is enabled and the regular header image is displayed, the main header menu could be wrong positionned. Fixed by waiting for the header image to be fully loaded before firing the sticky topbar.
= 1.0.6 May 17th 2017 =
  • fixed : [pro] Featured content builder : title and subtitle length getting hidden when fixed title is enabled
  • fixed : Compatibility issue with the Event Calendar plugin on date picker ( fixes #454 )
  • fixed : wrong variable name in HU_utils::hu_cache_dp_options()
  • fixed : search field background color in main header not inheriting the correct color
  • fixed : desktop tobpar down arrow not showing up because fired too early
  • fixed : sticky sidebars not properly disabled on tablets when option set
  • fixed : php notice for undefined HUEMAN_VERSION constant in admin
  • fixed : replaced OT_VERSION by time() for ot-admin-css as version param
  • added a new option : in Header Design, \"Apply a semi-transparent filter to the topbar on scroll.\" Enabled by default. ( fixes #469 )
  • updated : Hueman Addons thumbnail
  • updated : hu_related_posts by hu_get_related_posts. Retro compatibiliy handled in functions/init-retro-compat.php
  • improved : esc_url to better support https protocol
  • improved : remove ot datepicker and timepicker - hueman doesn\'t use them fixes #454
  • improved : customizer control visibility dependencies
  • improved : get wp_is_mobile() on front with an ajax request. Fixed #470
  • improved : utility hu_booleanize_checkbox_val()
  • improved : Mobile menu, if the selected menu location has no menu assigned, the theme will try to assign another menu in this order : topbar, mobile, header.
  • improved : mobile children menu items style
  • improved : mobile menu search field centering and width. Use of css calc()
  • improved : the header ads widget can now be displayed on top of the header image
  • improved : tmpl parts/related-posts now loaded with hu_get_template_part() to easily override it
  • added : mobile menu, specific for mobile devices
  • added : mobile menu notice for admin user if not mobile menu assigned
  • added : new option to set a specific logo for mobile devices
  • added : new option to print the logo / title and tagline on top of the header image
  • added : new option Display the site title in the header. Enabled by default
  • added : include attachments in search results
  • added : fitText jQuery plugin ( < 1kb )
  • added : js ajax utility
  • added : utility hu_user_can_see_customize_notices_on_front()
  • added : filter \'hu_is_related_posts_enabled\' as condition to display the related_posts tmpl
  • added : new option to include attachment images in search results. In the customizer, Advanced Options > Search Results.
  • added : [pro] New module : Better Related Posts. in the customizer > Main Body Design > Single Posts Settings. New module allowing users to customize the block of related posts : number of columns, number of posts, relationship ( tags, categories, post format, all criterias, none ), ordered by, heading text, lazy loading on scroll
= 1.0.5 May 8th 2017 =
  • improved : better initialization process for the customizer preview when fired from appearance > themes
= 1.0.4 May 1st 2017 =
  • fixed : blog description rendering and blogdescription partial refresh
  • fixed : hu_get_search_title printing icons
  • fixed : fix IE11 js compatibility
  • fixed : Sticky sidebar, disabling on mobile should be consistent with wp_is_mobile()
  • fixed : header site title or logo is not anymore wrapped in a h1 tag
  • added : desktop menus search field options. Users can now add the search field in top menu or in the header menu. Implemented for desktop and mobile devices.
  • added : hu_get_id() utility
  • added : HU_IS_PRO_ADDONS constant
  • added : implemented pro link
  • added : implemented a better sticky menu options. Users can now choose between : don\'t show on scroll, always visible, reveal on scroll up. Implemented for desktop and mobile devices.
  • improved : front end javascript framework performances
  • improved : sidebars are not sticky by default
  • improved : style.css comments
= 1.0.3 April 19th 2017 =
  • fixed : blogdescription partial refresh
= 1.0.2 April 18th 2017 =
  • fixed : in the header slider. When the context was not is_singular(), the default title was only displayed when the parent scope was not customized.
  • fixed : line height of the call to slider action button was too high
= 1.0.1 April 15th 2017 =
  • updated activation key classes
= 1.0.0 April 14th 2017 =
  • Initial release