The Hueman Pro theme is a high quality WordPress template engineered to load fast and to power high traffic websites. The theme simple to use and continuously tested with the latest versions of WordPress.

Compatible with WordPress 3.4+ up to 4.7.4 (latest version)

Built Mobile first (check it on the demo site)

100% compatible with browsers

Easy to install, fast support and well documented

Secured payment

★★★★★  Premium version of the popular Hueman free theme, installed on 80 000 sites and second best rated theme ever on as of April 30th 2017 with 540 five stars reviews. (source :



All plans allow you to install and use Hueman Pro for an unlimited period of time. To continue receiving updates, you'll be notified to renew your plan yearly with 30% off, a month before expiration. Renewing your plan is not mandatory, your theme will not be locked or downgraded.

Last update : April 2017

Current Version : 1.0.4 (see the changelog)

Hueman Pro theme feature infinite_scrolling

The world’s gone mobile. Hueman Pro is ready for it.

Websites built with the Hueman Pro theme load fast and look beautiful on mobiles devices.

The theme includes features like lazy loading of images, or an elegant infinite scrolling that will speed up the load time of your pages, and make them look amazing on any devices.
Test the demo website on your smartphone or your tablet to see how good it looks.

Create engaging headers

Add some love to the first visible part of your website, with a static image or a responsive slider.

We have made it really simple and fast to build a large image slider for your header, in any pages. Like this one, or this other one.
This is a good way to improve your visitors engagement on your website.

Hueman Pro theme feature pro_header

Hueman Pro theme feature font-customizer

Live Google Font styling

Instantly select and preview live 650+ Google Fonts and 40+ effects in one click. Any text of your site can be customized : titles, paragraphs, links, or even custom css selectors.
You can for example make your titles look big and unique like on this page heading.

Display your posts in a simple and beautiful way

The Hueman Pro theme makes it simple to design your lists of posts, and feature your most important content.
You can easily customize in live preview your post grids style : classical, masonry, infinite scrolling, number of columns, etc.

Hueman Pro theme feature grid-customizer

Hueman Pro theme feature skope

Infinite design possibilities

The Hueman Pro theme includes a unique customization technology allowing you to customize any page of your websites independently from the others.

You can for example set a specific menu to your contact page, or set specific colors, layout, fonts, to any pages, posts, categories, author pages...

Connect your social profiles in a few clicks

Adding social links to your website is really simple. Select your icons, type your profile links and publish.

Hueman Pro theme feature social

Hueman Pro theme feature documentation

Beautifully documented

We're putting a lot of work in our documentation and we hope you'll love browsing it. You can instantly find answers with our suggested results. If you think something is missing, contact us and we'll add it.

World Class Support from WordPress Experts

Hueman Pro is super easy to use, but if you need help, our team of developer is here to make your life easier. That's why our beloved customers give us industry leading happiness ratings.
Our average resolution time is less than 12h00.

Hueman Pro theme feature support

Pricing options

Price option Number of site installs Updates and Pro Email Support Price
Personal 1 site 1 domain Yearly (*) $39.90
Business - 2 - 5 websites 2 - 5 domains Yearly (*) $79.90
Agency - Unlimited sites Unlimited domains Yearly (*) $99.90

(*)After one year, you'll be invited to renew with 30% off to continue receiving updates and have access to the pro support. If you don't renew, the theme will continue to work but you won't get the updates anymore.Why should you keep your theme up to date ?

= 1.0.4 April 29th 2017 =
  • fixed : blog description rendering and blogdescription partial refresh
  • fixed : hu_get_search_title printing icons
  • fixed : fix IE11 js compatibility
  • fixed : Sticky sidebar, disabling on mobile should be consistent with wp_is_mobile()
  • fixed : header site title or logo is not anymore wrapped in a h1 tag
  • added : desktop menus search field options. Users can now add the search field in top menu or in the header menu. Implemented for desktop and mobile devices.
  • added : hu_get_id() utility
  • added : HU_IS_PRO_ADDONS constant
  • added : implemented pro link
  • added : implemented a better sticky menu options. Users can now choose between : don\'t show on scroll, always visible, reveal on scroll up. Implemented for desktop and mobile devices.
  • improved : front end javascript framework performances
  • improved : sidebars are not sticky by default
  • improved : style.css comments
= 1.0.3 April 19th 2017 =
  • fixed : blogdescription partial refresh
= 1.0.2 April 18th 2017 =
  • fixed : in the header slider. When the context was not is_singular(), the default title was only displayed when the parent scope was not customized.
  • fixed : line height of the call to slider action button was too high
= 1.0.1 April 15th 2017 =
  • updated activation key classes
= 1.0.0 April 14th 2017 =
  • Initial release