Release note for Customizr Pro v2.0.24 and Customizr free v4.0.17

Dear Customizr theme users,

please find below the release note for the latest versions of Customizr Pro and Customizr.


Various minor fixes and improvements

This new release improves the compatibility with WooCommerce images when displayed in the products short description.

We have also fixed minor RTL ( Right To Left ) issues reported by our users of RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew. ( Thanks again for reporting those problems 🙂 )


New in Customizr Pro : a block of contact information in the topbar

This new release introduces a new option in Customizr Pro, allowing you to display a simple block of contact information in the topbar of your website.

It is particularly useful if you need to make a phone number or your opening hours immediately visible to your users or clients, in any page of your website.

This option can be found in the live customizer > Header > Contact information.

You can decide if the contact infos have to be displayed only on large devices like desktops, or on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, or on both types.

You can display :

  • a phone number : the phone number is clickable on smartphones and will trigger a phone call dialog box,
  • your opening hours,
  • an email.

Note : this option is available in the modern style which can display an optional topbar.


Full Changelog

  • Fix: display the 404 content only when we’re really in the 404 context. fixes #266
  • Fix: make author bio RTL compliant. fixes #1419
  • Fix: RTL breadcrumb separator displayed with wrong direction. fixes #1420
  • Fix RTL submenu default opening direction. CSS fix for #1421 additionally fix menu button transform in RTL
  • Imp: Woocommerce – allow lightbox effect and smartload in product short description. fixes #1394
  • Imp: RTL submenu compliance 1) submenu animations -> fixes #1414 2) caret rotation adjustment when is RTL
  • Imp: Woocommerce – better u/o list styling for the product short description. fixes #1393
  • Imp: remove body itemprop itemtype structured data. Fix issues with missing microformats reported by the google-search-console in static pages. fixes #1401 #1344
  • Added : the topbar can now be displayed on mobile devices
  • [Pro] Added: new options to display contact informations : opening hours, phone and email in the topbar

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