Customizr v3.0.10 is live : welcome to the Dev Tools!


The Customizr WordPress Theme v3.0.10 is live. A very promising (I hope!) new feature has been added in this release : the Dev Tools allowing developers to easily drill down into the theme’s code.

Important note for Child Theme users

The templates and the hook structure have been modified in this version. Check the template files (index.php, header.php, footer.php, comments.php) to adapt your child theme if needed.


New features

The Customizr Dev Tools

Customzr Dev ToolsIn the customizer panel >Dev tools section,you will find two optional new features :

  1. The developer box : this draggable box is a developer dashboard allowing you to have an overview of your theme settings (plugins, custom post types, theme options,…) and providing useful informations for debug and development : a loading timeline of any pages, contextual data ( like conditional tags and query), the hook’s structure of the theme and a note section about the code logic of Customizr.
  2. The embedded tooltips : this option displays clickable (and draggable) contextual tooltips right inside your website. They help you understand which part of the php code handles any front-end block or element. The informations provided are : class -> method, hook, file, function description and possible filter.

Those tools are only displayed to logged in users with an admin capability profile.

Customizr is translated in Polish and Dutch!

Thanks to Marcin Sadowski from for the Polish translation, and Joris Dutmer for the Dutch translation.


I hope you will enjoy this new release and your comments are always welcome!


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