Customizr theme v3.1.23 : tested with WordPress v4.0

The version 3.1.23 of the theme has a loooong list of changes.  Most of those updates/improvements are “under the hood”, in other words, you won’t notice them but they contribute to make the theme safer, faster and easier to extend.

Of course, the new release of the theme has been successfully tested with WordPress 4.0 as you can see in the Customizr demo site.

Most of those changes have showed up when I was building the brand new hooks API reference of the theme, for which I’have had to thoroughly review every single php file of the theme.

The new version will be live soon but you can already download it from the repo : here.

I hope this release will help you build an even more awesome web presence, and I look forward to reading your comments/ improvement requests.

Enjoy the theme!


Note : Some users have reported a broken slider after the update.

This can easily be fixed by refreshing your browser cache.
Will your user notice anything ?

  • new visitors will never have this problem.
  • returning visitors might have the issue if their browser has already cached the page and you did not set any header cache parameter on your server/webpage/…


What is the cause of this issue?

This cache issue is due to a performance improvement in the way javascript files are loaded on front end.
Before the update, there were 5 Customizr js files loaded :
1) Twitter Bootstrap scripts,
2) Holder.js ,
3) FancyBox – jQuery Plugin,
4) Retina.js,
5) Customizr scripts (tc-scripts)

Now there’s only one file loaded, gathering all minified files.
Limiting the number of http requests is one of the most important factor of performance improvement for webpages. Some interesting resources about this :–wp-35318



= 3.1.23 Septembre 6th 2014 =

* improved : (php, class-fire-ressources.php, js : tc-scripts.js ) Performances : tc-scripts.js now includes all front end scripts in one file. 1) Twitter Bootstrap scripts, 2) Holder.js , 3) FancyBox - jQuery Plugin, 4) Retina.js, 5) Customizr scripts. New boolean filters to control each scripts load : tc_load_bootstrap, tc_load_modernizr, tc_load_holderjs, tc_load_customizr_script.
* added : (php, class-footer-footer_main.php#55) 2 new action hooks before and after the footer widgets row : '__before_footer_widgets' , '__after_footer_widgets'
* added : (php, class-footer-footer_main.php#142) Colophon center block : 2 new filter hooks : tc_copyright_link, tc_credit_link
* improved : (php, class-footer-footer_main.php#55) before and after footer widgets hooks have been moved out of the active_sidebar condition in order to be used even with widget free footer
* changed : (php, class-content-breadcrumb.php#581 ) filter hook name has been changed from 'breadcrumb_trail_items' to 'tc_breadcrumb_trail_items'
* changed : (php, class-content-featured_pages.php#112) filter name changed from 'fp_holder_img' to 'tc_fp_holder_img' for namespace consistency reasons
* improved : (php, class-content-featured_pages.php) filter hooks missing parameters ( $fp_single_id and / or $featured_page_id) have been added to 'tc_fp_title', 'tc_fp_text_length', 'fp_img_src, 'tc_fp_img_size', 'tc_fp_round_div', 'tc_fp_title_tag', 'tc_fp_title_block', 'tc_fp_text_block', 'tc_fp_button_block', 'tc_fp_single_display'
* improved : (php, class-content-featured_pages.php) new holder image style. Foreground color is the main skin color.
* updated (js, holder.js) version 2.4 of the script.
* improved : (php, class-fire-init.php#386) replace the disable_for_jetpack() callback by the built-in wp function __return_false()
* added : (php : class-fire-init.php, css) 2 new social networks : tumblr and flickr.
* added : (php : class-fire-init.php, css) new skin_color_map property
* improved : (php, class-content-post_list.php#240) use apply_filters_ref_array instead of apply_filters for some filters
* improved : (php, class-content-post_list.php#240) 'tc_get_post_list_thumbnail' filter : the current post id has been included in the array of parameters
* improved : (php, class-content-post_list.php#259) 'tc_post_thumb_img' filter : the current post id has been included in the parameters
* improved : (php, class-content-post_metas.php#189) use apply_filters_ref_array instead of apply_filters
* added : (php, class-content-post_metas.php) entry-date meta : new filter to use the modified date instead of the actual post date : 'tc_use_the_post_modified_date'. Default to false. Note : get_the_modified_date() == get_the_date() if the post has never been updated.
* improved : (php, class-content-sidebar.php#115) current_filter() added as parameter of the 'tc_social_in_sidebar' filter hook
* improved : (php, class-content-slider#193) $slider_name_id parameter added to the following filter hooks : tc_slide_background, tc_slide_title, tc_slide_text, tc_slide_color, tc_slide_link_id, tc_slide_link_url, tc_slide_button_text, tc_slide_title_tag, tc_slide_button_class
* added : (php : class-content-slider.php, js : tc-scripts.js, css) Slider : for a better experience, when the re-center option is checked in Appearance > Customizer > Responsive settings, a gif loader is displayed while recentering.
* fixed : (php, class-fire-admin_init.php#312) Changelog was not displayed in ?page=welcome.php#customizr-changelog. Now look for '= '.CUSTOMIZR_VER to match the current version changelog
* improved : (php, class-header-header_main.php#223) action hook 'before_navbar' renamed to '__before_navbar' for namespace consistency reasons
* added : (php, class-header-header_main.php) added 'tc_head_display' filter
* improved : (php, class-header-header_main.php) tc_favicon_display filter is now handled with a sprintf()
* added : (php, class-header-header_main.php) new filters tc_logo_link_title , tc_site_title_link_title
* changed : (php, class-header-header_main.php ) filter names : __max_logo_width => tc_logo_max_width and __max_logo_height => tc_logo_max_height
* changed : (php, class-header-header_menu.php#97) filter menu_wrapper_class renamed in tc_menu_wrapper_class
* changed : (php, class-header-nav_walker.php#41 ) filter menu_open_on_clicks renamed in tc_menu_open_on_click
* added : (php, comments.php) new filter : tc_comments_wrapper_class inside div#comments
* changed : (php, comments.php) filter comment_separator renamed to tc_comment_separator
* improved : (php, comments.php) cleaner code
* changed : (php, init.php#47) Class loading order. Utils are now loaded before resources.
* changed : (php, class-fire-resources.php) localized params filter renamed 'tc_customizr_script_params'. Left and Right sidebars classes are now set dynamically form the global layout params.
* changed : (php, class-fire-utils.php#497) added the $key parameter to tc_social_link_class
* improved : (php , class-fire-utils.php#207)tc_get_the_ID() : now check the wp_version global to avoid the get_post() whitout parameter issue. ( $post parameter became optional after v3.4.1 )
* added : (php, class-controls.php) 2 new action hooks : __before_setting_control, __after_setting_control, using the setting id as additional parameter.
* fixed : (css) .navbar-inner .nav li : 1px hack for chrome to not loose the focus on menu item hovering



Featured image credits :

Benny Goodman1.1971CC BY-SA 3.0view terms

Hans Bernhard (Schnobby) – Own work

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