Hueman theme releases

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✅Hueman free (v3.6.4) and pro (v1.3.4) fix a security issue and are fully compatible with WordPress 5.5.1 🔂

Dear Hueman theme users, Just a quick release note to let you know that you can safely update Hueman free (v3.6.4) and Hueman Pro (v1.3.4) with the version 5.5.1 of WordPress. The themes latest version fix a potential security vulnerability.   Changelog : Hueman has been successfully tested with WordPress […]

Hueman classic grid

⚡️ Hueman v3.5.3 and Hueman Pro v1.2.3 : new option to display the full post content in grids + performance improvements

The latest version of Hueman Pro and Hueman introduces a new option to display your posts in full-content when using the classic grid layout. Two new performance options have also been added in the customizer to limit render blocking issues. This is the first step in a series of performance […]

New sidebar options and performance improvements 🚀 for the Pro header background in Hueman theme

Dear Hueman theme users, The latest version of Hueman Pro and Hueman implement better performances on mobile devices for the pro full-width header builder. It also introduces new options for sidebars allowing users to customize the topbox default texts “Follow” and “More”.   Hueman themes have been successfully tested with […]