WordPress Customizr Theme : almost 6 months old (and already famous!)



Since my last post, back in September (time flies!), there have been a lot of work done around Customizr. I want to take 5 minutes to share some ot these with you.

The theme is still at the beginning of its short life (which I hope will be long) but it has already met the needs of a growing audience. And that’s great!

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Unexpected success!

Since its first release back in may 2013, there has been only good news with Customizr.

The first good news was its approval by the theme review team. I had many issues to fix before that : WP standards, security, licenses…And then one day the theme was accepted and set to live! Really good feeling.

But what was even better is the fact that a few weeks later, the review team decided to “feature” the theme in the WordPress theme home page! Since then, the number of users has been constently growing and I have receiving dozens of very positive feedbacks about the theme.

As of today, the theme has now been download almost 200 K times and is ranked among the most popular themes in the platform. Apparently, Customizr is used either by WordPress newbies and by developers who now use it as their starting framework.

But one thing is even more important to me : the fact that the support forum is extremely active, and actually one of the most active theme support forum on the WordPress.org platform, with an average of 20 new threads by day. To be honest, I was a bit worried at first by all those support requests since I feared that my theme had a lot of bugs, or it was too complicated and people did not know how to use it. But, after a while I realized that it was just because the theme was simply massively used by people, and they sometimes needed help.

Therefore I have had to figured out a way to become more productive on how to answer all this customizations requests  : css, php, server problems, plugins compatibilty, performance, seo, security, … With the help of volunteers from the forum, I decided first to create a comprehensive Customzir FAQ page whit links to the support forum threads. But it was not enough. So a few weeks later, the code snippet section has come to life.

This is all really unexpected and a pretty good surprise. Customizr is my first WordPress theme. I would never have imagine it could become so popular!


The code snippets are there!

First of all , those last weeks I have had the pleasure to welcome 3 new contributors in the freshly released code snippets section : Dave, Andrei and Andrea. All of them have started to help me answering the many user’s thread in the forum and as they became real expert with Customizr, we decided to work all together to share our snippets on this site.

One month after its launch, the code snippets are already helping many Customizr users. This section offers ready-to-use pieces of code that you can copy in your child themes templates or even simpler if it is CSS : in the custom CSS of the Customizr theme live option panel.

To make it easier to find and sort, each snippet is tagged with :

  • languages
  • targets
  • functions
  • hooks

New presentation coming soon : I will make it even easier to find and sort snippets with a dynamic page and visual presentation (showing target zone).


New home page

Since a few day, you might have notice the new home page of Press Customizr. It is now focusing on the 6 points that make Customizr what it is :

1 multipurpose,

2 easy as breeze,

3 simple and robust code,

4 cross browser

5 well documented

6 loved by users

The home page includes links to the main section of the website and also some big buttons to easily download the theme and watch the video or the  demo.

I would love to read your feedback on this!


Updated FAQ and documentation

The FAQ and documentations are the most consulted pages in Themesandco.com. I have included a floating menu to make the navigation easier.

Documentation is still in progress but has been strongly improved. It now includes many screenshots and tips to use the Customizr theme. 

Again, your feedback is more than welcome about those pages!


More happy users than ever

 I love when users are  satisfied and say it, like this tweet from a happy user :

During the past weeks the theme has received so many incredibly nice reviews! I really can’t resist to share those lasts days reviews you because they made my day!










As usual your comments are welcome!

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