Get ready for version 3.0.14

The next release of the Customizr is currently in the review process. This is a safe release for child theme users with no changes in terms of templates structure.

New Languages and RTL support

  • Arabic thanks to Ramez Bdiwi
  • Romanian thanks to Andrei Gheorghiu
  • RTL Support ; thanks to Ramez Bdiwi


New customizer option

You can now select the length (excerpt of full length) of the article in every list of posts , including the home page.


More Twitter Bootstrap components

Some components were not included in the theme like : alerts, thumbnails, labels-badges, progress-bars, accordion, scrollspy. Now Customizr includes all CSS and JS Twitter Bootstrap components.

Note : the scrollspy script has been upgraded to the very last version of Bootstrap.


New hooks

I am continuously adding hooks to the Customizr hooks API.

  • filter for Image sizes : allowing a total control on every sizes of the theme
  • filter featured page text
  • filters for slider : text, title and button text lenght are now filtered
  • markup filters : allowing a better control of classes for body, header, main-wrapper, and footer
  • filter logo : you can now define your own max dimensions with a filter
  • 2 new actions in index.php before and after article tag.
  • Action inside the body tag to add some custom attributes if needed (can be useful with Bootstrap scrollspy for example)
  • 2 actions before and after the logo/title rendering


Support for editor_style

This WordPress feature is just great and I don’t know why it took me so long to include it in the theme! It includes the choosen skin and style.css stylesheets in the post/page editor frame. This way, you can now see how the post/page will really look like (with your skin colors and even your css customizations) in your editor. Isn’t that cool? 😉


More secure

I have removed from admin all the embedded frames (like Twitter buttons, Google+ or Youtube videos) that could potentially be used by malicious people.


I hope you’ll like this version and look forward to read your feedbacks.

Enjoy the theme.


PS : please find below the complete changelog:

= 3.0.14 =
* added : (language) Arabic : thanks to Ramez Bdiwi
* added : (language) RTL support : thanks to Ramez Bdiwi
* added : (language) Romanian : thanks to <a href="" target="_blank">Andrei Gheorghiu</a>
* added : (php) two hooks in index.php before article => allowing to add sections
* added : (php) new customizer option : select the length of posts in lists : excerpt of full length
* added : (php) add_size_images : new filters for image sizes
* added : (php) rtl : check on WPLANG to register the appropriate skin
* added : (php) featured pages : new filter for featured pages areas
* added : (php) featured pages : new filter for featured page text
* added : (php) slider : 3 filters have been added in class-admin-meta_boxes.php to modify the text, title and button length __slide_text_length, __slide_title_length, __slide_button_length
* added : (php) logo : 2 new filters to control max width and max height values (if logo resize options is enabled) : '__max_logo_width' , '__max_logo_height'
* added : (php) body tag : a new action hook '__body_attributes'
* added : (php) header tag : new '__header_classes' filter
* added : (php) #main-wrapper : new '__main_wrapper_classes' filter
* added : (php) footer : new '__footer_classes' filter
* added : (js) scrollspy from Bootstrap
* added : (js) Scrollspy : updated version from Bootstrap v3.0. handles submenu spy.
* added : (css) back to top link colored with the skin color links
* added : (css) bootstrap : alerts, thumbnails, labels-badges, progress-bars, accordion stylesheets
* added : (css) Editor style support for skins, user style.css, specific post formats and rtl.
* improved : (css) performance : Avoid AlphaImageLoader filter for IE and css minified for fancybox stylesheet
* improved : (css) (php) logo : useless h1 tag has been removed if logo img. Better rendering function with printf. Better filters of logo function. 2 new actions have been added before and after logo : '__before_logo' , '__after_logo'
* removed : (php) Post list content : removed the useless buble $style var
* removed : (css) featured pages : useless p tag wrap for fp-button removed
* removed : (php) User experience : redirection to welcome screen on activation/update
* removed : (php) Security : Embedded video, Google+, and Twitter buttons
* fixed : (php) breadcrumb class : add a check isset on the $post_type_object->rewrite['with_front'] for CPT
* fixed : (php) a check on is_archive() has been added to tc_get_the_ID() function in class fire utils
* fixed : (php) we used tc__f('__ID') instead of get_the_ID() in class-header-slider
* fixed : (php) we add a hr separator after header only for search results and archives
* fixed : (php) comments : 'tc_comment_callback' filter hook was missing parameters
* fixed : (php) featured pages : filter  'tc_fp_single_display' was missing parameters
* fixed : (css) comments avatar more responsive
* fixed : (css) ie9 and less : hack to get rid of the gradient effect => was bugging the responsive menu.


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