5 thoughts on “New : Diagnosing problems in Customizr

  • Michael Corcelli

    Th three circles on the home page are not the same. One is a half moon, one a circle and one an oval. How do i fix this? Thanks

  • Michal

    Thank u so much, it is a very nice theme. I do have a question about the drop-down menus. it suggested to put # under links (in the menus section) and then to drug underneath whatever pages I want to drop-down. It doesn’t work for me 🙁 . my question – what am I doing wrong? Just to make it clear, my site is not in English ! maybe this is the problem? Thank u again

  • Atif Inayat

    hi , nice theme but there is a problem i discover that in page title it is not showing icon on Google Chrome but post is showing … u have used formet-icon for title of page & post… can u help regarding this issue?

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