Customizr v3.1.5 is live : new options and more extensible than ever!

With the v3.1.5, the Customizr theme has never been so easy to setup and extend

customizr-theme-v3.1.53 new options have been added to the customizer : 1) Menu : you can now choose between hover or click for submenu opening.  2) Smooth scroll effects on links with anchor in the page 3) Retina devices support enable/disable option.  (check out the screenshots below)

Customizr is now ready for WooCommerce, bbPress and qTranslate. The Hungarian and Turkish translations have been added and the other languages have been updated.

The dev tools are no longer part of the theme core anymore. It was a tough decision but I finally decided to take this away, mainly for improving the global performances of the theme and also because this option was only visible for admin users and had no impact for the front end. No other options will be removed or changed. 

I will come with a plugin that will partially replace those tools, along with an API hooks documentation page on Press Customizr. 

The core code of the theme has evolved to become even more modular than ever before. Many filters have been added to make customizations easy as breeze. The Customizr’s code can now be compared to a collection of plugins that can enabled / disabled or altered.


I have been working hard on this release and hopefully received the help of many volunteers to test it.

I really hope you’ll enjoy it and I look forward to reading your feedbacks!



New customizer design  

With the v3.8 release of WordPress, the customizer’s design has been adapted and improved.

Active sections are now blue with new font.



New menu option



New link section and option





New Retina support option in the images section





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