Release note for Hueman v3.4.0, Hueman Pro v1.1.1 and Hueman Addons v2.1.0

Dear Hueman theme users,


Introducing the Contextualizer

In this new release of the Hueman free and Pro themes, and the Hueman Addons plugin, we introduce a simpler and faster way to contextualize your settings, called the Contextualizer.


How can this help you ? The theme options set in the customizer are normally applied site wide. With the contextualizer feature, the  WordPress live customizer has an enhanced interface, allowing you to customize any page or your website independently from the others.

This is for example very useful if you need to display a specific menu only on one page, or if you need to set a custom font for some posts. It can also be used to set specific colors, footer layout, site layout by page. In fact almost all options of the customizer can be contextualized at a local level, including a per page custom css.


This feature was already included in Hueman Pro and the Hueman Addons plugin. The Contextualizer replaces and bring innovations, like the per-page custom css, to the previous interface. This was a necessary move, not only to improve the existing code, but also to ensure future compatibility with the upcoming WordPress releases.

You should notice a significant speed improvement when loading the customizer and when customizing options.

Your existing contextualized settings are now accessible in the Contextualizer panel of the live customizer.


Notes :

  • You’ll find an updated documentation here, including a simple example of contextualized menu for the contact page.
  • After the update, you might need to set the column layout again in some cases. For example if you have customized the column layout of the “All Categories” level. This can be done in the customizer > Main Body Design > Column layout for the main content.
  • This update is safe for child theme users.


New UI design and improved performances for the Font Customizer

You’ll discover a fresh new UI and will enjoy a faster customization experience when using the new Font Customizer.



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