Release note for Hueman Pro v1.0.10+ and Hueman free v3.3.13+

Dear Hueman theme users,

This new release fixes minor issues and plugin compatibility problems reported in the theme’s forum and in the pro support desk.

The heading tags ( h1, h2, … ) and their font sizes have been made more consistent accross the various theme’s pages. The changes are almost invisible.

Those releases, free and pro, are safe for child theme users. The only modified template being content-featured.php, in which the thumbnail size of the featured posts is now set as a function of the layout ( = the number of sidebars ).

Note for users of cache plugin : like Total Cache or Super Cache, always purge your plugin’s cache after a theme update.

Cheers 🙂



  • ( free v3.3.14 / pro v1.0.11 ) fixed : Restrict the front ajax query when user has checked the sticky sidebars for either mobile devices or desktops, or both. Fixes #523.
  • ( free v3.3.14 / pro v1.0.11 )fixed : related posts should not inherit the main post-title fittext font-size
  • ( free v3.3.14 / pro v1.0.11 ) added : new option in Adanced options > Mobile Devices > Make font sizes flexible , responsive font-size is unchecked by default. Fixes #522
  • fixed : when doing an ajax request on front, always make sure that the response is a well formed object, and fallback on the localized param if not
  • updated : flexslider.min.js. Fixes : #511
  • fixed : removed check_ajax_referer( ‘hu-front-nonce’, ‘HuFrontNonce’ ); when doing a front end ajax request. Should fix #512
  • fixed : boxed – avoid header elements to horizontally overflow the viewport.fixes #508 3. and 4.fixes
  • fixed : when the layout is boxed + sticky header on on dekstop, the width of the header should be inherited from the used width (or default one ), and not rely on %.
  • fixed : comment reply font size too small when viewed in mobile. fixes #504
  • fixed : wp contact form 7 style. fixes #491
  • fixed : on the blog page, the ( optional ) featured posts thumbnail size was not large enough when using a 1 or 2 columns layout. ‘thumb-large’ size is now only used for 3 columns layout. Fixes #350
  • fixed: fix use of the add_editor_style wp function : needs relative paths + add rtl class to the inline font style in the wp editor see presscustomizr/customizr#926
  • added : a custom event “header-image-loaded” : partially fixes #508
  • replaced : hu_sanitize_hex_color() by core WP maybe_hash_hex_color doing the same job since WP 3.4
  • improved : change page title tag from h2 to h1 to be consistent with single posts
  • improved : increased .page-title font-size from 1em to 1.3em
  • improved : .single .post-title from 2.375em to 2.62em => to make them taller than h2 title inside the content. Fix #515
  • improved : ‘header-mobile-sticky’ classes shall not be added to the body element when 2 menus ( ‘both_menus’) are displayed on mobiles
  • added : new localized params for a fittext implementation on front
  • improved : slightly increased the max font-size of comments from 0.875rem to 0.93rem
  • added : the headings ( Hx ) font size is now better resized for all type of devices with a dynamic resizing. Use fittext.js => based on the heading’s parent container width, instead of relying on the css @media queries, not covering all device dimensions.
  • added : include Custom Post Types in post lists ( archives and search results ). In archives, it handles the case where a CPT has been registered and associated with an existing built-in taxonomy like category or post_tag. Fixes #513
  • added : new filters for hueman posts widget to alter the query args and the date format. Fixes #343
  • added : ‘__before_logo_or_site_title’ and ‘__after_logo_or_site_title’ in hu_print_logo_or_title()

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