Release note for Customizr v4.1.8 5

Dear Customizr theme users,

This is a minor release in which we have disabled the demo content displayed when previewing the Customizr theme in the live customizer. This content was displayed when previewing the Customizr theme before activating it, to give a better snapshot of the theme’s design.

This has no impact on your current website. This was needed to be compliant with the latest rules of the theme repository.

Thanks and all the best for your websites created with the Customizr theme 🙂

5 thoughts on “Release note for Customizr v4.1.8

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    Hey there. Is the font customizr still being updated? Is it still stand alone? Does it only come with customizr pro now? I would like to purchase it.

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    Jillian Saxty

    Since I updated Customizr to Version: 4.1.8 just now I lost access to all our widgets! Also cannot access the theme Appearance/Customize dashboard!

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    Jen R.

    – I may no longer have the right to voice my opinions and thoughts anymore under the orange nazi dictator and if there is someone I can write a carefully thought out email to (unlike this un-though out comment – LOL!) or even call to let them know that they basically suck?? Thank you! And thanks for making Customizr such a great theme!! Keep up the awesome work! You guys are very much appreciated! 🙂

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    Jen R.

    Why would Google, or Word Press or whoever – choose to make such a simple and yet extraordinarily useful part of a theme like basically illegal?? It makes zero sense! Who can I complain to??? I know it won’t do any good but I am not a tech person, I’m a writer and it was a feature that was seriously helpful in making my site! That and I like to make my opinions on certain things – like this – that affect me – known – especially now!! If Mueller can’t take down trump (but I think he can and has been planning carefully).

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