Hueman v3.2.4 implements the WP Header Image

In this new version, the header image option has been replaced by the WP built-in custom-header.


It won’t change anything for you. Your previous header image will be preserved if you used a header banner image.

The custom-header WP option is cross theme, just like your site title or tagline. It means that if you’ve been setting a custom header in another theme supporting this feature, you’ll find the same settings and previous images uploaded for this option. This is a recommended practice for themes on the WP repository that helps ensuring compatibility between themes.

Developers can find detailed information about the WordPress custom header on the following pages :



This new release is safe for child theme users. No template changes.


Next changes to come

  • Implement the WordPress custom logo, to replace the Hueman logo. Full backward compatibility will be ensured.
  • Implement add_editor_style() to reflect the theme style when editing a post or a page.



  •  improved : implement add_theme_support( ‘custom-header’) with the header_image theme_mod, in place of the previous header-image hueman option. Ensure retrocompatibility with the previous option.

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