Hueman v3.3.5 and v3.3.6 release note 53

Last update : v3.3.6 fixes the comments font size bug reported on the forum.


Dear Hueman theme user,

This new release fixes some customizer problems reported in the forum. If you are still experiencing any troubles, please report the issue in the forum, the dev team and myself will do its best to help and fix it !

The Hueman Addons plugin has been updated to version v2.0.8 at the same time. It is important that you update the plugin as well.

This update is safe for child theme users. 

This Hueman theme v3.3.5 introduces typography improvements and a better support for WooCommerce. The theme screenshot has been updated with a new set of colors and images.


Developers : toward more modularity

The template structure has been modified to allow more modularity when printing content.

Each of the main templates has been split in smaller pieces as follow :

  • archive.php => tmpl/archive-tmpl.php => parts/post-list-articles.php
  • index.php => tmpl/index-tmpl.php => parts/post-list-articles.php
  • search.php => tmpl/search-tmpl.php => parts/post-list-articles.php
  • single.php => tmpl/single-tmpl.php
  • page.php => tmpl/page-tmpl.php
  • 404.php => tmpl/404-tmpl.php

Now any content is rendered as a section with a new utility name hu_get_content() , with before and after hooks allowing developers to easily inject custom html markup anywhere.

In the near future, this simple structure will allow us to create flexible page and post content. In other words, this is the first stone of a page builder for the Hueman theme :).



New screenshot

The theme screenshot has been refreshed with a new color palette and new images. You can see it live in the Hueman theme demo.

If you want to reproduce this design, here are the colors used :

  • topbar background : #121d30
  • header Background color is : #454e5c
  • primary color 1 ( left sidebar + links ) : #16cfc1
  • primary color 2 ( right sidebar + comment bubbles ) : #efb93f

Note : on the demo, the topbar uses a transparent color set in the additional css from the customizer > Advanced Options > Additional CSS , with the following css code :
body .search-expand, #nav-topbar.nav-container {
background-color: rgba(18, 29, 48, 0.7);




  • Fixed : array to string error with hu_is_checked()
  • Fixed : selective refresh disabled when link widget enabled. cf WP core ticket #39451
  • Fixed : correctly handle sizes attribute when smartloading resp imgs ( fixes #316 )
  • Improved : img to smartload must have an src which matches an allowed ext. Fixes issues with Ultimate Membership Pro
  • Improved : add hueman specific widgets panel icon as inline customizer js
  • Improved : front end jQuery plugins, rightly handle sizes/data-sizes attribute replacement in php
  • Improved: customizer social links module user interface
  • Improved : introduced hu_get_content( $tmpl ) which takes care of all content rendering inside section > .pad accross the theme
  • Improved : post messaging for the social links customization
  • Improved : customizer font option set to postMessage
  • Improved : body font size set to 1rem == 16px in all browsers
  • Improved : font sizes set in relative em instead of px unit
  • Improved : the font list is now defined in one place in init-core.php
  • Added : utility hu_is_real_home() => handles the case when the user want to display a page on home but did not pick a page yet
  • Added : Gitlab icon to social links
  • Added : wp_add_inline_style() on front allowing to add user option based css
  • Added : a new template for the WordPress loop named post-list-articles.php for index.php, search.php and archive.php
  • Added : 6 content templates in tmpl/ use to render the various contextual content : single, page, archive, search, 404, index
  • Added : website font-size option in the customizer
  • Added : icon size option for the social links
  • Added : better support for WooCommerce
  • Added : user font family to the wordpress editor
  • Removed ru_RU translation files because it is not completed online

53 thoughts on “Hueman v3.3.5 and v3.3.6 release note

  • Reply

    Hi Nicolas,
    Loved the human theme. Every thing about hueman is awesome. But I would like to suggest a feature to hueman.
    The feature it be better if there is an option to split the home page into different categories to categorize posts into sections. Instead of listing them one by one

    • Reply
      Nicolas Post author

      Yes this is something that could be done. I’m currently working on a content builder for the Hueman theme. This will be one of the possibility offered.
      Thanks for your feedback.

    • Reply
      Nicolas Post author

      For the demo, I have picked the Source Sans Pro Google font in the customizer > Web Page Design > General Design Options > Font

  • Reply
    Jürgen van Weyck

    “In other words, this is the first stone of a page builder for the Hueman theme :)”

    I’m very happy with this, because i’m a non-proffessional WordPress “User”. 👍

  • Reply

    Can you confirm that these updates are child theme safe – or so I need to wait for the promised more detailed release notes beofre attempting an update so that I can also update my child theme.


  • Reply

    For the life of me, I cannot get a single post to show while in the Customizer preview. I can Customize the homepage and static pages, but posts will not load while in Customizer. If I click the Customize button while on a post, it gives an error. If I start Customizer from the admin page, homepage, or static page and try to click to a post, the preview just reloads the page I’m on (home or static page). I’m at a loss as to what to do. Please help. Thank you!

    • Reply
      Nicolas Post author

      Thanks for reporting this problem.
      I’m concerned about it. I need to make sure this is not a regression for other users.
      Would you mind contacting me with this form, I will check what’s going on on your website.


  • Reply

    i just updated new Hueman but i found that header widget and footer widget missing when i see from wdiget menu on admin page? header and footer widget where i put my ad banners also did not display anything .

  • Reply

    This is my first site and I do not understand your code at all…(
    Help me to break the photo in the header on the buttons which are in a separate menu, and then you go – click on the button in the cap and get to the main page, and it infuriates them(
    I will be very grateful for the help!

  • Reply
    Dedy Saputra

    Hello there Nicholas, thanks for make this template free, can you make the second sidebar available instead of main sidebar in 2 layout? or its already available but i don’t know? illuminate me, thanks before.

    #sorry bad english, Im from Indonesia

  • Reply

    I previously could resize images in the visual text box but now I cannot. Yesterday, I could. Is this part of the Hueman update or is this a WordPress issue?

  • Reply

    Hi, again and thank you again for keeping Hueman free. Is there possible to featured post have excerpt set 0 words and other post have etc 35 words?

  • Reply

    Merci pour cette nouvelle version, ne parlant de couleur, il serait bien que l’on puisse choisir la couleur de fond des sidebars, l’image pour avoir le fond gris, pas toujours top, je sais
    qu’il y a des codes pour la supprimer, mais comment toujours, je pense à tous les utilisateurs, une option dans Personnaliser, aiderait un grand nombre de gens.
    J’ai encore conseillé le thème à une personne, justement il voulait les sidebars sous fond blanc, j’ai donné les codes pour le faire, voilà le résultat de son site avec Hueman !
    et son site avant sous Twenty Fourteen,

    Merci encore et bonne continuation

    • Reply
      Nicolas Post author

      Thanks for the feedback and the example provided.
      About your suggestion to add a custom background color option for the sidebars, I’m thinking about this. But this will be part of a wider project which allow us to create a complete skin from the customizer : colors, font, background, etc, and save it.

      • Reply

        Merci de la réponse, bonne continuation ! Hâte de voir ce grand projet
        Thank you for the reply, good continuation! Look forward to seeing this great project

        Best regard

      • Reply

        I think the bigger improvement would be to resize the sidebars easily… that’s a cumbersome task at the moment. Changing the background color for the sidebars isn’t that difficult.

        • Reply

          When I said, there are codes to remove the background in the sidebars, found on the forum and I gave them to people only private messages, but a lot of reviews are not coders, you also think about them, have this option would be easier.
          Already asked me to change the width of the sidebars, not very difficult not to do, yet you are right, that would be an option in the theme for the non-codeurs.
          Very good to have offered this feature.,

      • Reply

        thank you nico, great…


        1. How about code color header background?
        2. And when i scroll down huemen theme demo, the “Top Bar” become trasnparent. it is custom top bar or i just missed some setting or?

        Thank you very much, nico

        • Reply
          Nicolas Post author

          Hi Andre,

          The demo Header Background color is : #454e5c

          For the topbar, you can get the same transparency with this simple custom css line, to paste in : customizer > Advanced Options > Additional CSS :

        • Reply
          Nicolas Post author

          websafe colors are not really relevant anymore since they were designed for devices only able to display 256 colors.
          Today’s computers and devices generally have at least 16-bit color or 24-bit color, which allows millions of colors to be displayed.
          Why do you stick on websafe colors ? Is there a specific reasons that I’m missing ?

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