Customizr WordPress theme v3.2.3 : overview

This new version of the Customizr WordPress theme mainly fixes bugs reported by the user community in the forum, and following the v3.2+ important release.

  • Images (including logo) issues when using the JetPack Photon module
  • Enhanced high definition image support (Retina)
  • Header : transparent background on scroll becomes optional
  • Menu dropdown revealed in 100% height on responsive mode
  • Font icons extracted from skin stylesheets to avoid cross domain issues when using a CDN
  • Post titles are cleared from any html tags ( strip_tags() ) when used as title attributes
  • bbPress compatibility : fixes an old php notice  (The current user is being initialized without using $wp->init()…)
  • Smooth scrolling option for anchor links : scope of eligible links is now narrowed down to the #content wrapper
  • Full changelog here

Developers : this version is safe for child theme users, no need to adapt your previous customizations



New default skin and screenshot

The new default color skin is now a beautiful and modern green (#27CDA5).

New screenshot for Customizr v3.2.3


New options in the WordPress customizer

Height of the dropdown menu on responsive mode in Header > Navigation




Header : optional transparent background on scroll




= 3.2.3 November 5th 2014 =
* fixed (php, class-header-header_main.php) remove space after filter declaration for tc_tagline_text
* added (php, class-content-post_list.php) new boolean filter tc_show_post_in_post_list + condition on $post global variable
* added (php, class-fire-admin_page.php) New action hooks__system_config_before, __system_config_after
* fixed (php, class-content-featured_pages.php, class-content-post_thumbnails.php, class-header-header_main.php) JetPack photon bug fixed on the wp_get_attachment_image_src() return value array
* changed (php, class-header-header_main.php) New method : tc_prepare_logo_title_display() hooked on ‘__header’ in place of tc_logo_title_display(), fires 2 new methods tc_logo_view() and tc_title_view()
* fixed (php, class-header-header_main.php) in tc_prepare_logo_title_display() the logo filetype is now checked with a custom function TC_utils::tc_check_filetype(), instead of wp_check_filetype(). This new method checks the filetype on the whole string instead of at the very end of it => fixes the JetPack photon bug for logo
* added (php, class-fire-utils) tc_check_filetype() method
* added (php, class-content-post_thumbnails.php) new filter named tc_thumbnail_link_class => array of css classes
* removed (php, class-content-post_thumbnails.php) ‘tc_no_round_thumb’ filter, now handled by the ‘tc_thumbnail_link_class’ filter
* added (php, class-content-post_thumbnails.php) new filter ‘tc_post_thumbnail_img_attributes’
* improved (php, class-content-post_thumbnails.php ) better handling of dynamic inline style for thumbnails img with height || width < to default thumbnails dimensions * improved (php) get_the_title() has been replaced by esc_attr( strip_tags( get_the_title() ) ) when used as title attribute * improved (css) set a high z-index (10000) to * improved (js, tc-script.js) localized params (TCParams) falls back to a default object if they are not loaded (=> typically happens whith a misconfigured cache plugin with combined js files)
* improved (css,php:class-fire-resources.php) font icons have been extracted from the skin stylesheet and are now inlining early in head. New filters : ‘tc_font_icon_priority’ (default = 0 ), tc_font_icons_path (default : TC_BASE_URL . ‘inc/assets/css’), ‘tc_inline_font_icons’ (default = html string of the inline style)
* improved (js, php:class-fire-resources.php) when debug mode enabled : tc-script.js is loaded not minified. Boostrap is loaded separately and not minified
* added (js:bootstrap.js, php:class-fire-utils_settings_map.php,class-fire-resources.php) new checkbox option in the customizer ‘tc_menu_resp_dropdown_limit_to_viewport’.In responsive mode, users can now choose whether the dropdown menu has to be fully deployed or limited to the viewport’s height.
* updated (lang) nl_NL : thanks to Joris Dutmer
* added (php:class-fire-utils_settings_map.php) New checkbox option in the customizer ‘tc_sticky_transparent_on_scroll’ => allow user to disable the semi-transparency of the sticky header on scroll. Default => Enabled (true)
* added (php:class-content-comments.php) New filter ‘tc_list_comments_args’. Default value = array( ‘callback’ => array ( $this , ‘tc_comment_callback’ ) , ‘style’ => ‘ul’ )
* added (php:class-fire-init.php) Added add_theme_support( ‘title-tag’ ) recommended way for themes to display titles as of WP4.1. source :
* fixed (css) Bug : since v3.2.1 upgrade, left sidebar was not displayed under 980px
* fixed (lang, php:class-content-comments.php) plural translation string wrapped in _n() where not translated
* improved (js) In customizing mode, jQuery plugins icheck, stepper, selecter are loaded only when necessary. For example : ‘function’ != typeof(jQuery.fn.stepper) => avoir double loading if a plugin already uses this $ module.
* improved (js, theme-customizr-control.js) icheck : init only if necessary ( 0 == $(this).closest(‘div[class^=”icheckbox”]’).length )=> beacause it can have been already initiated by a plugin.
* improved (css, class-fire-admin_init.php) admincss handle for enqueuing has been prefixed with tc-, like all other resources of the theme
* improved (css, tc_admin.css) Now minified
* fixed (php, class-fire-utils.php) bbPress compatibility issue. Was generating a notice bbp_setup_current_user was called incorrectly. The current user is being initialized without using $wp->init(). This was due to the tc_get_default_options(), using is_user_logged_in(), called too early. Now hooked in “after_setup_theme” and compatible with bbPress
* updated (lang) es_ES : thanks to María Digo
* improved (js, tc-script.js) Smooth Scrolling option : to avoid potential conflicts with plugins using the ‘click’ event on anchor’s links, the scope of targeted links has been limited to the the #content wrapper : $(‘a[href^=”#”]’, ‘#content’)
* fixed (css) Back to top arrow : Better backgroundstyle for ie9+
* fixed (css) ie9- Support : fixed tagline displayed twice issue
* fixed (css) .social-block is displayed and centered for @media (max-width: 320px)
* updated(css) blue3.css is now the default skin, color #27CDA5
* fixed (php, class-fire-init.php) Better handling of the retina mode. the original file is now generated in high definition @x2
* updated : the default slider images have been re-designed and their @x2 version (for high definitation devices) has been added in inc/assets/img
* updated : screenshot of the theme


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