What’s new in Customizr v3.2.7 / v3.2.8 23

Many new options have been brought to the WordPress customizer allowing you to have more control on post metas and comment bubbles. The skin picker has been entirely re-built and is way faster than before with a better design. The theme is now partially translated into Korean.

Developers : if you have been customizing the heading or metas classes, you’ll want to chek the additions and changes made to those files in the the versions 3.2.7 / 3.2.8.


A new beautiful and lightning fast skin picker

Selecting a color skin has never been so easy with the Customizr theme. In the WordPress customizer, open the Global Settings > Skin section and click on the select box to reveal the color list. You’ll simply need to mouse hover on the desired color to preview it instantly on your website.

Each color hex code is now displayed for it corresponding skin.





A post metas dashboard

Open the WordPress customizer and navigate to the Content > Post Metas section.



New options in the comments customizer section



23 thoughts on “What’s new in Customizr v3.2.7 / v3.2.8

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    Hi! I love your theme!
    I need your help to understand how I can add MEta Tag inside the homepage. I need to insert a description but I do not konw how to do. May you help me?
    Thank you!!

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    Un grand merci pour ce thème.
    j’ai installé la 3.2.8 après une 3.2.5 et ai constaté une régression :
    – recherche avec fonction suivante dans customizr child :

    Message : Fatal error: Class ‘DateTime’ not found in /mnt/132/sda/7/c/contrepoint.marolles/wp-content/themes/customizr/inc/parts/class-content-headings.php on line 553

    – Un bug qui était également présent dans la 3.2.5
    que l’on coche ou non l’option “Réglages globaux du pied de page / Afficher une flèche de retour en haut de page lors du scroll. ”
    l’icone ne s’affiche pas (firefox) et le texte (retour heut de page) ainsi que les crédits sont décalés sur la gauche.
    Sous IE pas d’icone mais texte centré correctement.

    -Une question :
    J’ai activé le featured page widget dans la page d’accueil dans lequel j’ai un slide qui fonctionne avec une balise. Lorsque j’active le sticky menu, l’image est en partie masquée par le menu. Je n’arrive pas à la descendre. De même lorsque je veux modifier un article le bouton se trouve sous le menu et ne je peux pas le cliquer. Seule solution désactiver sticky menu. (j’ai essayé sans résultat de modifier le Z-index)

    Bien cordialement


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    Hi Nicolas,

    Please would you let me know how to return my site to a previous version of Customizer which does not ruin the entire layout in IE9. My entire corporation runs IE9, and we are in the middle of a marketing campaign based on the website, but, it looks dreadful. Prior to upgrade, it was fine. This is a disaster 🙁

    Thank you,


    • Reply

      Hi Charlie,
      You can always roll back an older version if the new one is incompatible with your website.
      Can you please post your support request in Customizr support forum.
      We’ll do our best to help and it will benefit to other users facing the same problem(s).
      Thanks for your understanding,

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    I updated the theme yesterday and found that the pluggin to not show page titles no longer works. It seems I’m not alone when I say the page titles stand out as appearing horribly wrong. Is there an easy and quick way of removing the page titles from the pages? Please advise. Thanks

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    Mosser Lee

    Hi Nicolas,
    I use a plugin ‘ DW Question Answer ‘ in my blog, but the question page display failed with the latest customizr . Could you give me some hands ?

    Call stack

    System infomation

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    Rahul Raman

    Hi Nick,

    I love the customizr template and am really pleased with the overall look of the website and layout. But on the slider options, can you please create a navigation icon, for example “the dots” that appear at the bottom of the slider. I would like to have this feature so that my viewers know what is my latest article and what is my oldest.

    Really appreciate it.


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    I’m writing you because I have some problems with Customizr theme.

    1. I can clik to launch the update but then it is not taken into account, so I’m still with the version 3.1.24…
    2. When there are numerous links in an article, this article appears blank on the blog..

    Can you help me?



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      Hi Marie,
      To keep this website clean and consistent, would you mind opening a new thread in the Customizr support forum for your request ?
      This will also probably be useful for other users facing similar issues !
      Thanks for your understanding and I look forward to reading from you in the forum,
      Merci, 🙂

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    Elias Westerberg

    Hi Nicolas!

    Nice update, however the following customization I had in my functions.php (child) does not work anymore. Any advice on how to handle this?


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