Customizr Pro v1.3+ and Customizr theme v3.5+ release note

Update : If you are using a cache plugin, you might need to refresh the cache after updating the theme.

Dear Customizr theme users,

I’m happy to introduce the latest versions of the Customizr free and pro themes. Those new releases are safe for child theme users. No templates or core functions have been changed.

The major introduction of this new version is a new social links module in the customizer. We’ve also been working on typography improvements for the theme. The line height is now a little bit taller ( for developer, the css line-height is now set to 1.6em ), following the best web design practices. The default font of the theme is now Poppins, a light and elegant Google font. ( you can set it in customizer > global settings > Google fonts )

Customizr Pro users can now activate the Yoast Seo breadcrumb instead of the Customizr built-in one, if they use this plugin.

This version improves the compatibility with the Woothemes Sensei plugin.

The rest of the changes is listed in the changelog at the bottom of this post.

New enhanced social links module

We’ve been working on an enhanced social module in the customizer > global settings > social links. You can now choose among 146 social icons ( including email and phone ) and link them to your social pages, or to any internal pages of your website.

Your existing links (for users who already had social links set ) will be automatically moved to the new module when activating the new version. You don’t have to do anything.



New screenshot

We’ve been creating a new screenshot reflecting the latest design and statistics of the Customizr theme. This screenshot has been created by Yulia Garcia and myself and uses images licensed under CC0.




  • fixed : fix print of the edit post link in the pro grid customizer
  • fixed : trying to get property of non-object php notice when setting up WooCommerce
  • Imp : add Customizr Pro compatibility for the yoast SEO breadcrumb
  • Imp : improve loading performances for Pro menu customizer and Feat. Pages Unlimited to enqueue only the necessary resources
  • Imp :introduced Poppins as the new default Google font
  • Imp : changed default body line-height in pixelds to 1.6em
  • Imp : new screenshot
  • Imp : implemented an enhanced social links module in the customizer
  • Imp: improved compatibility with Woothemes Sensei plugin fixes #759
  • Imp: use lower tc-page-wrap and tc-sn z-index for compatibility reasons fixes #762
  • Imp: button toggle nav positioning improvments
  • Imp : added a notice for for freshly created menu not yet visible in the header main location
  • Imp: improve side menu positioning depending on the header layout

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