Release note for Customizr Pro v2.0.10

Dear Customizr Pro users,

This release fixes minor bugs reported in the support help desk. We have improved the design of the bulleted and numbered lists ( ul, ol html tags ) by adding a small indentation. You can see the new list design here in the demo.

The is new version is safe for child theme users.



  • Fix : slider caption elements, default minimum size too high. fixes #1191
  • Fix: link whole slide not including the caption. Now this option behavior is consistent among classic and new style. fixes #1140
  • Fix: colors of the search form in dark overlay. Fixes #1185
  • Fix: closing slide’s title h1 html tag. Fixes #1188
  • Fix : typo in customizer controls
  • Imp : slider bullets closer to the bottom and margin set in em
  • Imp: improve ol/ul margins in .tc-content-inner (.entry-content). Fixes #1183 Also slightly improve the cite element style.

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