Customizr WordPress Theme v3.0.6 is live! 8


The Customizr WordPress Theme v3.0.6 is live. You will find two new options in the customizer screen and it is now available in Brasilian portuguese!

New features

New customizer options

  • Featured pages : new  option to personnalize the featured page buttons
  • Home page layout : you can now choose a “Don’t show any posts or page” option for the front page

Customizr is translated in brasilian portuguese!

Many thanks to Roner Marcelo (


Some improvements

  •  Performance : jquery.fancybox.1.3.4.js and modernizr have been minified


Fixed bugs

  • Spanish translation has been fixed. Many thanks again to Maria del Mar for her great job!
  • Pages protected with password will not display any thumbnail or excerpt when used in a featured page home block (thanks to rocketpopgames

I hope you will enjoy it and your comments are always welcome!


8 thoughts on “Customizr WordPress Theme v3.0.6 is live!

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    Hi there,
    Love the look of your theme, but since the last update the text part under the three main circles on the main page has been broken and shows as html. Any thoughts on why that is happening and how I can fix it?
    Thanks for an otherwise great looking theme!

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    Awesome template!

    Just beyond what I am looking for. This should added in the premium paid theme (please don’t change your mind, ‘free’ is perfect = )

    I have a question, for now: I love the hover effect on the post thumbnail (those below the featured page) however, I figured it out that the hover effect suddenly disappeared.

    How to get it back?

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    Hi I am trying to add more featured pages and was wondering if you have the ability in this updated version and how to do that.

    Also I would like to put in a custom header covering the whole top is there a good plugin you can suggest for that?
    Thank you its a great Theme!


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