Release note for Hueman Pro v1.0.16 and Hueman free v3.3.19 21

Dear Hueman theme users,

This is a minor update, safe for child theme users.

= Changelog for releases dated July 27th 2017  =

  • fixed : fix sites managing compatiblity. fixes #541
  • fixed : position of the header widget on mobile viewports fixes #543
  • improvement : site title and logo options are mutually exclusive. Fixes #518

21 thoughts on “Release note for Hueman Pro v1.0.16 and Hueman free v3.3.19

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    Herbert Oliveira

    eu sou novo por aqui e utilizo a última versão do hueman free, em breve estarei comprando a versão hueman pro, eu tenho uma dúvida, se eu instalar a versão pro por cima da versão free eu perco tudo, ou simplesmente ganho mais recursos ao atualizar.

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    Hey Nicolas,

    After updating the search bar on mobile doesn’t work properly anymore. Desktop version is working fine. Is this a known bug?


    Greets, Mariska

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        I use Chrome on iPhone 6. When I expand the mobile menu and click on the search bar, the screen widens causing to hide the search bar. I can still type in a search query and hit enter on my keyboard, but I can’t see what I’ve just typed into the search bar.

        Does this makes sense? I’ll attach a screenshot but I’m afraid there’s not much to see.


        Thanks for your help Nicolas!

        Greets, Mariska

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    If I activate in Hueman Pro 1.0.16 infinite scroll, exactly 20 posts are displayed, but I have more posts on my homepage.
    Is this a known bug?

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      Hi Mike, yes this is an identified bug.
      It has been fixed in the upcoming release of the theme, in the coming days.
      Thank you very much for reporting it.

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    Hello! Nicolas.
    I created a child theme for my site Sweet Lyrics. After activating the child theme, the search bar is not working in desktop and mobile menu is not working. I reactivated the main theme, then they are working. What’s the problem. Can you fix it. I’m using latest hueman theme vesrion

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    Wayne Cochran

    All of my previously reported JetPack issues are resolved. Great job with that!

    I am having an issue still with the Like Button on my blog posts. It only shows Loading… and never loads a Like button. See in the “Like This:” section for an example.

    You will receive my details shortly in a bug report.

    This is my only found unresolved issue.

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      Wayne Cochran

      Testing on a clean install this morning, it looks like the issue I had with the Like button is an issue between JetPack and W3 Total Cache and not with the theme at all. I’ll probably end up opening a support case to JetPack support just to see if they can help with settings suggestions for items not to minify/cache.

      I Just want to say that I am impressed with the constant improvements to the Hueman theme. Using WordPress for around 5 years now, I have to say, this is my favorite theme that I have used.

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      Wayne Cochran

      Follow up to my follow up, just for anyone that is curious, there were two minified js files that were the culprits. I basically removed all js files that I had minified and then added them back one by one to find the offenders.

      wp-content/plugins/jetpack/_inc/postmessage.js – This one can be minified, but I had to change it to be the first js file in the list in W3 Total Cache minify settings

      wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/likes/queuehandler.js – no matter where in the list I had this file, if it was minified, the JetPack Like button didn’t work.

      I hope this helps anyone else that may have run into issues with the JetPack Like button not working with js files minified. I know the issue is independent of theme, but thought it may be helpful having this here since I did first mention the issue here thinking it was theme related.

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