Release note for Hueman Pro v1.0.18 and Hueman Free v3.3.20 26

Dear Hueman themes users,

In Hueman Pro, this version fixes 2 issues with the Infinite Scrolling feature ( also called never ending scroll ), reported by several users in our support helpdesk.

In Hueman free and pro, the themes now support pagination in pages, and not only in single posts, using the code <!--nextpage--> and compatible with the WP-PageNavi plugin. More documentation about this here.

This new release is safe for child theme users.


Cheers 🙂


= Changelog  =

  • fix : Infinite scroll produces php notice: array to string conversion issue
  • fix : Infinite scroll: sometimes not all the posts are loaded
  • improved : added support for pagination in pages using  <!--nextpage-->. Compatible with the WP-PageNavi plugin.

26 thoughts on “Release note for Hueman Pro v1.0.18 and Hueman Free v3.3.20

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    Hi Nicolas,
    thanks for your work with hueman theme pro. I have a request if is it possibile.
    You could create a menu in “MEGA Menù” style (example: or do you think it will be implemented in the future?
    Or alternatively,UberMenù is compatible with hueman theme?

    Thank you so much 🙂

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    Rajesh Khatwani

    Hello Nicolas, I am using Hueman Pro theme and want to know that Is there any option to set website title on left side on top menu bar and then regular menus just like on and

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    Hi dear staff
    Every part in hueman theme can be customised and that’s very great. But I’m wondering why there is no option for changing font color of the menu. That would be very great if you add this option, too. Because sometimes if a user wants a white menu, they can’t change the font color and both of theme are white.
    I think this is wanted by many users.
    thanks for your hard work and helping us to publish our contents for free.

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    Click Artist - Ottelli Mihail

    Hello to all users and to the drafting of PRESS CUSTOMIZR
    I would have a suggestion for developers would be interesting to introduce the possibility of having in part to the name of the page wanted to drop in the box at the top right (search) the image in miniature square or round and make the search automatic In the sense that you click on it i access directly to the page searched

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    Noga Sklar

    Hello, Nicholas

    I just bought the Hueman Pro version. I love the theme, but I’m confronting a couple of weird issues. First of all, I installed Hueman Pro on 3 different websites on the same server. Only one of them shows the Pro Version, including the Font Customizer. The other ones still show the free version. What do I do? I already cleaned the cache a number of times, it does not help. Also, I’m able to customize the side bar with widgets ONLY on the blog control panel. Everything I do on the customizing tab does not hold.
    On one of these websites the situation is worse. I opt for a static page, save it, everything seems fine. But the static page never shows, only the latest posts. When I go to the customize tab again, there’s no static page selected.
    I’m also stuck! Please advise!

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    Kaan Karadeniz

    Hello Nicolas,

    You’re doing great job for this theme but last update bring me some loading issues. Now my blog is loading around 15-20 seconds even there is no speed problem or server problem. I checked all of them and o speed tests with GTMetrix. I try to switch another theme for see what is going on. The site is loading as intended with all other themes except Hueman.

    In WordPress panel everything is good, no speed problem or anything. But front page, blog post pages and other pages are loading slowly as hell. Do you know what is going on? Do you have any possible solution for feature updates? As you know 15-20 seconds are huge in today’s standards and I’m losing traffic/rank day by day.

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    Igor (7 KONTINENTE)

    Hej there

    I realised that since the newest version my blog is totally slow. Also I can’t use the “customizer” and get always an alert that something went wrong. This happens after the page tried to load for a long time.

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      Wayne Cochran

      Are you using JS minification? I’ve had to do a ton of trial and error customizations to JS minify rules in W3TC to keep from breaking a lot of my site’s functions. One effect I did notice if I had all JS files minified is that the customizer would take a long time to load when it would load.

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      Kaan Karadeniz

      Today I dig into all logs and see what is going on on my website. I found that something pull of too much request from the server. It is connected with JSON API and Oembed functions. I try to do something, disabling them etc. but none of them bring me a solution. Approximately one month, my website is running too slow with Hueman theme. I hope there will be a solution in later days. I recommend to check your website too. You will see there is too much meaningless requests between website and server.

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    Perhaps that helps someone:
    If you use “Infinite scroll” with W3 Total Cache you must be careful about JS minify settins because otherwise no posts are displayed.

    I have a question, maybe someone can help me:
    I have analyzed my page with
    Everything is fine except my youtube videos using Hueman Videos in Hueman Pro v. 1.0.18.
    I have 2 youtube videos as a widget in the footer on every page. shows Defer parsing of JavaScript (The same entry 2 times) (1020.1KiB) (1020.1KiB)

    (The complete website has a Total Page Size about 3,43MB)

    Can I change this without eraseing the videos?
    My website shows sometimes a white page when loading because of the 2MB JavaScript i think.

    Thank´s Mike

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    Igor (7 KONTINENTE)

    Hello Nicolas,

    When is the option comming, to remove the social icons from the footer? Within the next update?

    Best regards,

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    Hi Nicolas,

    By this update he github 476 urgent labelled issue is still not fixed in spite of the fact that the notification beneath says “#476 opened on May 9 by denzelchia fix.,3.3.20.
    I can’t update my site because of this maladjustment for more then 3 months, still pending on 3.3.7.


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    Chandan Bais

    I’m using this theme since I started my first website, also planning for purchasing pro version in near future, Nicolas sir thank you for this fabulous theme, I need a help, How can I add another font for the website and remove some useless fonts listed in theme customizer?

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    Hello! Nicolas.
    I’m using hueman latest theme. I created a child theme, after activating mobile menu is not working, and desktop search also not appearing. Why?

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    Wayne Cochran

    Quick question since we’re on the topic of Infinite Scroll. Is this a feature that is only in Hueman Pro, or is it available in the Free edition as well, as I seem to be having trouble finding it if it is in Hueman Free? Again, I appreciate all of the work that you put into this theme!

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      Was about to ask the same question. I don’t think free users are illegible to get the infinite scroll feature. Or am I wrong boss?

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