Release note for Hueman Pro v1.0.18 and Hueman Free v3.3.20

Dear Hueman themes users,

In Hueman Pro, this version fixes 2 issues with the Infinite Scrolling feature ( also called never ending scroll ), reported by several users in our support helpdesk.

In Hueman free and pro, the themes now support pagination in pages, and not only in single posts, using the code <!--nextpage--> and compatible with the WP-PageNavi plugin. More documentation about this here.

This new release is safe for child theme users.


Cheers 🙂


= Changelog  =

  • fix : Infinite scroll produces php notice: array to string conversion issue
  • fix : Infinite scroll: sometimes not all the posts are loaded
  • improved : added support for pagination in pages using  <!--nextpage-->. Compatible with the WP-PageNavi plugin.

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