Release note for Customizr pro v2.0.4 and Customizr free v4.0.4

Dear Customizr theme users,

This is a short release note for the new versions of Customizr dated July 26th 2017.

  • Fix: fix missing max-width style for logo w forced dims fixes #1101
  • Fix: fix sidebars list widgets indentation
  • Fix: CSS handling of screen reader text fixes #1103 bullet 3
  • Imp: add menu button if not menu visible in the header
  • Imp: various performances improvements when loading front end resources
  • Add: an option to make the dark overlay optional in the modern style slider
  • Fix: fix grid 1 column max height fixes #1088
  • Fix: submenus not sensible to the hover while fading + correctly handle the header z-index (user option)
  • Fix : WooCommerce compatibility : Grid title truncation might affect products in product archives ( fixes #996 )
  • Fix : Added back the menu locations customizer section
  • Fix : grid caption background issue on mouse hover
  • Fix : fix non existing function as __ID filter callback
  • Added : style switcher option in the customizer

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