Hueman v3.1.2 and v3.1.3 release note

What’s new ?

Featured Posts :  Swipe gesture supported for smartphones and tablets + full post possible



In the version 3.1.3, you can now scroll your featured posts horizontally with your fingers on any touch mobile devices.

Another cool new feature is the ability to display the full content of your featured posts (instead of the excerpt).

You can set this option in the Customizer > Content > Blog Design and Content


Those two features combined makes the theme really nice to use with mobile devices.


Better customizer user interface for the social links and the widget zones options

A pre-setup step has been added when adding a new widget zone or social icons.

2016-05-03_15-37-54 2016-05-03_15-38-21


Fixed issues

  • The author name was linking to the post itself
  • The Feature posts arrows in the carousel could overflow the content container when blog heading was disabled
  • The language label of the translation files was wrong
  • Duplicated id html attributes for social links and tabs widget

Note for child theme users

An new pluggable function ( hu_print_placeholder_thumb() ) has been introduced in the following templates  :

  • content-featured.php
  • content.php
  • parts/related-posts.php

This function can be overriden to display your own custom placeholder thumbnail.


Full changelog for Hueman v3.1.2 and v3.1.3 dated May 4th, 2016

  • fixed : the author link in posts
  • fixed : duplicated id html attributes for social links and tabs widget
  • fixed : Language Label in Translation Files
  • fixed : the author name links to the post itself
  • fixed : Featured post slider controls (arrows) overflow content container when blog heading is disabled
  • fixed : Header image alt attribute is empty.
  • fixed : Change Default Widget Names and CSS id properties. Could be in collision with some plugins
  • added : Featured posts : new option to display the full content (instead of the excerpt) of the featured posts. Modified template : content-featured.php.
  • added : Featured posts : swipe gesture supported on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones
  • added : Customizer : Pre setup step when adding a new widget zone or social icons.
  • improved : Customizer user interface have been improved for the social links and the widget zones. It’s now easier to drag, edit and remove items.
  • improved : Introduced a pluggable function ( hu_print_placeholder_thumb() )to print the placeholder thumbnail. Modified templates : content-featured.php, content.php, parts/related-posts.php
  • updated : jQuery FlexSider to v2.6.0 (latest). Support swipe touch navigation
  • changed : Header widget and full width footer widget are now enabled by default
  • changed : The footer-ads option has been moved in the Footer Design section. The title and description of this setting have been clarified.

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