Release note : Customizr v3.4.34 and Customizr Pro v1.2.35

Hello !

We did some minor improvements and fixes in this new release. No impact for child theme users.


  • fixed : compatibility issue with php7
  • fixed : better check for is customize preview()
  • fixed : correctly instantiate front classes in admin building slider of posts fixes #662
  • improved : add requestAnimationFrame polyfill required by several jquery-plugins fixes #665
  • improved : get rid of the outdated menu item first letter styling
  • improved : Imp: add back langpacks completed on Needed for Customizr-Pro. note: german GTE considered our german translation as formal german. The current de_DE.po(mo) is just a copy of the de_DE_formal.po(mo) pack.


Updated css version ( Bootstrap 4 ) and new design elements coming in 2017

We’re currently working on the upgrade to the Bootstrap v4 css framework and it’s the occasion to add some nice new design elements to the theme.

If you are already using the theme, you’ll be free to switch to the new modern css style framework, or to keep the current one. For developers and child theme users, a detailed analysis of the changes will be provided a long time before the release, so that you can make the smoothest possible transition. And of course, no Customizr website ( using a child theme or not ) will be automatically switched to the Boostrap 4 version without a validation from the administrator.

I’m happy to share some fresh screenshots of the upcoming version 4+ of the Customizr theme.


Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2





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