Customizr Pro v1.2.30+ and Customizr free v3.4.31+ release note

Hi !
We’ve made many improvements under the hood but nothing major has been added on front end.

PHP classes and methods have been renamed and made consistent accross the theme :

  • class prefixes have been changed from TC_ to CZR_
  • method prefixes have been also changed from tc_ to czr_fn_


One exception : the function tc__f() has been kept unchanged for retro-compatibility.

The hook’s names have not been modified.


Developers who are overriding classes or methods in a child theme should check if they are using old classes or method names.


If needed, you’ll find more detailed informations about those prefix changes, and what to check in your child theme in this forum thread.


Users hosting their website  on a server using a php version under 5.3 might have a problem with the version 1.2.31 of Customizr Pro. We’re doing our best to fix the problem and make the theme compatible with this version of php.



= October 24th 2016 =

  • Fix: fatal error when customizing grid, due to wrong method reference after the prefix changes


= October 17th 2016 =

  • fixed : compatibility problems with plugins using the WP tinyMCE editor. Example : Black studio tinyMCE
  • fixed : added back function tc__f() for retro-compatibility
  • updated : grey.css is now the default skin, color #5A5A5A. No impact for previous version users using the old default skin (blue3.css)

= October 16th 2016 =

  • fixed : footer widgets not displayed

= October 15th 2016 =

  • added : in single post, new wp filter : apply_filters( ‘tc_single_post_section_class’, array( ‘entry-content’ )
  • added : in single post, new wp action : do_action( ‘__after_single_entry_inner’ )
  • added : demo singleton class CZR_prevdem
  • added : demo images in inc/assets/img/demo
  • Imp: group files in 4 main files to load in inc/
  • Imp: add fp and round-div comp code with plugins running bootsrap3+ fixes #640
  • Fix: fix js issue for pages with no header (dropdown placement)fixes #643
  • Imp: replace class prefixes from TC to CZR
  • Imp: change function names prefix from tc to czr
  • Imp: add parallax classes and js only when slider exists

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