Customizr Pro v1.1.8 – v1.1.9 changelog

A quick note to share the v1.1.8 changelog of Customizr Pro.

Safe update for developers using a child theme.

= 1.1.9 May 15th 2015 =

  • fix: store empty() function bool in a var to fix a PHP version compatibility issue
  • fix: use proper priority for tc_parse_imgs callback of the_content filter

= 1.1.8 May 15th 2015 =

  • fix: grid customizer: properly pass sanitize_callback, fix issue with wp<4.1
  • fix: grid customizer: customize compatible code with old wp versions
  • fix : grid customizer: more contrast to the post titles with a darker background
  • fix: polylang cast featured pages options to array, needed when no options are set
  • fix: when deleting retina images don’t forget the original attachment’s retina version
  • fix: remove btt-arrow inline style, rule moved in the skin css
  • fix : fancybox in post images is 100% independant of fancybox in galleries
  • added : japanese translation (ja). Thanks to Toshiyuki Tsuchiya.
  • fix : remove smartload noscript tag
  • fix : theme switcher visibility issue on preview frame ready event
  • fix: properly filter get_the_content() for special post formats
  • fix : localized params assigned to wrong script handle in dev mode
  • fix : hide donate button ajax action not triggered
  • fix : change order of elements on RTL sites. using is_rtl() to determine the order of specific elements, instead of creating dedicated rules in CSSFIX : correcting the left/right css rules for RTL sited. Thanks to Yaacov Glezer.
  • added : less files updated with new rtl vars and conditional statements
  • improved : code handling RTL priority for colophon blocks
  • updated : Spanish translation
  • improved : donate customizer call to action visibility
  • improved : widget placeholder code
  • improved : widget placeholder code
  • updated : es_ES translation. Thanks to Angel Calzado.