Customizr v3.5.4 and v3.5.5 release note

Dear Customizr theme users,

This is a simple update including a plugin compatibility improvements for the carousel, and various other minor improvements. ( see the changelog )

We have also improved the rtl style of admin notices when updating the theme.

This new release is safe for developers using a child theme of Customizr.

Call for translators :  get Customizr Pro for free

The Customizr theme is getting used by more and more people in the world and I am really happy about it. But the theme is currently still missing many translations, and I would like to satisfy every users in all languages.

This page lists the current status of the translations. Even if a lot of work has been done during the last weeks, we are still far from being done.

If you are a native speaker of one of the following language, you can help me and get Customizr Pro for free in return 🙂

  • Japanese – ja
  • Hindi – hi_IN
  • Portuguese – pt_PT and pt_BR : Portugal and Brazilian
  • Danish – da_DK
  • Greek – el
  • Persian – fa_IR
  • Indonesian – id_ID
  • Korean – ko_KR
  • Thai – th
  • Bulgarian – bg_BG
  • Arabic – ar


I am happy to offer the premium version of Customizr to translation contributors. To qualify, you need to become a Translation Editor ( like I am for French for example, see here ) and bring the translation to a mimimum of 95% done.

The process is very simple :

  1. First you need to get in touch with me and send me your username.
  2. Then I will publish a request addressed to the team of your native language, in order to add you as Editor for the theme ( see examples of editor requests here ).  This is why I need your WordPress username.
  3. As soon as you will become Editor, you will be able to add, modify and approve the translations online.  You can also download and upload translation .po files  on each project page ( at the bottom ) if it is easier for you.
  4. When you’ll have completed at least 95% of the translation, let me know and I would be glad to send you the Customizr Pro theme.


Note : Each language team on has specific rules and wording requirements. This is important because it ensures that the translations of a given language are consistent accross all plugins and themes on Make sure that you follow the wordpress guidelines of your native language when translating.

If you have already contributed to the translation and did not request your Customizr Pro version yet, please drop me a line here !

Changelog for v3.5.4 and v3.5.5

v3.5.5 ( February 26th )

  • Fix: do not show first attachment as thumb in single context fixes #815
  • Fix: fix reference to maybe undefined wp in front js fixes #820
  • Fix: fix comment bubble bottom arrow when custom color selected fixes #822
  • Imp : added aria-label to button – support accessibility
  • Imp : enabled accessibility for social icons
  • Imp: move theme Custom CSS option to WordPress embedded one fixes #818


  • Fix: customizer javascript error when customizing the social links
  • Imp : customizer social links module user interface
  • Imp: rtl – fix update notice positioning in admin. fixes #800
  • Imp: improve bootstrap plugin compatibility with the slider. fixes #737
  • Removed : Swedish translations sv_SE, now part of the translation pack automatically downloaded from
  • Imp : add Array.from js polyfill for customizer control js
  • Fix : IE11 (at least) : potential customizer breaks when trying log in the console
  • Fix: fix a potential option inconsistency with some hosts. fixes #810

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