Release note for Customizr free v4.0.14 and Customizr Pro v2.0.19

Dear Customizr theme users, this is the relase note for Customizr v4.0.14+ and Customizr Pro v2.0.19+

This new release fixes minor bugs reported in the theme forum and the pro support. You’ll find the list of the fixes at the end of this release note, with links to the github issues.

Two new features have been added ( for the modern style only ) :

1 – The vertical submenus can now be expanded on click, instead of being fully developed.

This option is enabled by default for mobile devices, and can be set in the customizer > Header > Navigation Menus and Header > Design settings for smartphones



2 – You can now choose between a boxed or wide layout for your entire website, and more specifically for your topbar, main header and footer.

You can set this new option in the customizer > Global settings > Site Layout.


Note for developers using child theme : several templates have been modified in this release. Make sure your update your child theme files to the latest version, and test your child theme in a staging environment.

The Press Customizr team wishes you all the best for the new year to come 🙂



  • Fix: decrease regular submenu top to 15px. fixes #1333
  • Fix: apply margin-bottom to the right wrapper element, as part of the fix for #1331
  • Fix: avoid adding slider metabox to attachment which are not images. fixes #1317
  • Fix: widget categories title transformed to uppercase. apply the uppercase rule only to its list items also remove the bold font-weight. fixes #1309
  • Fix: always display the comment form before comment list (if any)
  • Fix: slider cta hiding text. fixes #1299
  • Fix: related posts height after the content with two sidebars fixes #1304
  • Fix: fix search icon not appearing in the topbar. fixes #1324
  • Fix: fix WooCommerce Terms and Condition checkbox in Checkout page is not really visible. fixes #1340
  • Fix : dropdown menu-item word-break property set to break-word. Fixes #1339
  • added: a boxed layout options for the header, the content and the footer
  • added: new option to allow a menu dropdown on click for mobile menu and side menu. Enabled by default on mobile devices

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