The Customizr theme introduces parallax scrolling for your sliders (carousels)

I’m really pleased to announce the introduction of a really cool feature in the Customizr theme : parallax scrolling for the sliders.

This feature has been introduced in Customizr Pro v1.2.28 ( Customizr v3.4.23 ).

Parallax backgrounds has become a webdesign standard to better engage users and improve the overall experience that a website provides.

In the Customizr theme, the option is enabled by default in the customizer > Global Settings > Image Settings (see below)

This new feature has been engineered to be lightweight so that it doesn’t impact your overall page load performances.



Full Changelog

= September 14th 2016 =

  • added : a parallax scrolling option for sliders. Enabled by default.
  • added : the waypoint js library (v4.0.0)
  • changed : slide loader icon is enabled by default
  • fixed : center the rectangular thumbs with golden ration only in post lists, not in single posts
  • Pro : added compatibility code for Super Socializer plugin

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