Hueman v3.2.3 fixes the recommended plugin reminder issue

This new version fixes a problem reported by some users in the admin, related to the Hueman Addons plugin recommendation notice. It was considered too intrusive in the way that you could not dismissed it before clicking on “Remind me later”, which I tend to agree with.

This is now fixed, this notice can now be dismissed when it’s displayed for the first time.


Some other improvements have been done in the templates to make the code more “dry” for future improvements.


This new version is safe for child theme users but some templates have been changed. You might want to check the diff report and update your child theme templates if needed.



= 3.2.3 September 12th 2016 =

  • fixed : Plugin recommendation code was not up to date. Updated to TGMPA v2.6.1


= 3.2.2 September 11th 2016 =

  • fixed : dismiss link not showing up in the Hueman Addons plugin recommendation admin notice
  • added : title utility functions like hu_get_search_title()
  • added : new template parts/single-heading.php, called in the template single.php
  • improved : hu_get_template_part : added a boolean wp filter using the template name as param
  • improved : In templates : 404, archive, page, search, child menu, index. Replace get_template_part() by hu_get_template_part()
  • improved : template parts/page-title.php

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