Customizr release note : Pro v1.2.16 + ( Free v3.4.17+ ) 9

Detailed Changelog

  • Add: a few translation tr_TR thanks to @ghost
  • Add : Indonesian translation. Thanks to Rio Bermano
  • Fix : some Swedish translation strings. Thanks to Mia Oberg.
  • Fix: fix post-metas hierarchical tax check when building button class
  • Fix: prefer mysqli api to the mysql ones (deprecated) in sys-info fixes #508
  • Fix: amend wrong documentation link in sidebar widget placeholder fixes #502
  • Fix: fix jetpack’s photon – theme smartload compatibility issue
  • Fix: fix btt-arrow and scroll-down issue Also use more descriptive variable names. fixes #477
  • Fix: fix disabling wc-header-cart to reset tc_user_options_style
  • Fix: avoid smartload conflict with buddypress setting avatar img fixes #467 a)
  • Fix: better html comments fix rare cases when some html comments were considered as server’s directives. fixes #470
  • Fix: skip URIS images among imgs to smartload fixes #463
  • Fix: smarload preg callback – reverse strpos param order
  • Fix: apply border bottom only to theme sidebars widget list item

9 thoughts on “Customizr release note : Pro v1.2.16 + ( Free v3.4.17+ )

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    This should be fixed in the latest version (v1.2.17).
    Please let us know if you’re still having any problems. Thanks 🙂

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    After today’s update : Images added today aren’t working properly – they are showing up in the editor (TinyAdvanced) but don’t show up on the site pages when viewing the page.

    Images that were already on the site are showing as they should – seems to be effecting only the images inserted since the update.

    I see they are working in the Safari browser but not in Firefox.

    I’ll keep my eye on this blog for your response.

    Thanks. (love the theme and use it on all of my sites)

    * update – found post on WordPress/Customizr/support forum –

    Found the reason.
    working on a fix.

    For the moment you can avoid the issue by disabling the smartload feature:
    Appearance -> Customize -> Advanced options -> Website Performances -> Load images on scroll

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    After I update to Pro v1.2.16, when enabling “Load images on scroll” option (Customize >> Advanced options >> Website Performances >> Load images on scroll) it make the images which attached to page/post becomes disappear when visit the page (but the image appear from page/post preview).

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    Happy pro user for a long while, when i updated my theme today (25 Jan) images set at medium/full and custom size can’t be viewed only shows as one px img. Have tryd to regenerate my thumbnails with success and it still not working. When img are set to small they can be viewed i have provided a screenshot to fully show what i mean. To add when changing theme to Customizr (non pro) they work on all sizes.
    Any help is appreciated.
    Best regards

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