Release note for Customizr Pro v2.0.11 and Customizr free v4.0.9 9   Recently updated !

Dear Customizr users, you’ll find below the changelog of the new releases.

We have fixes several bugs reported in the forum and the support helpdesk.

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank all users who are taking the time to help us improving the theme by reporting bugs. This is really awesome 🙂

The new versions are safe for child theme users.


= Changelog =

  • Fix : global skin CSS not printed when no custom header skin. Fixes #1215.
  • Fix : various html fixes like duplicated ids or data attributes
  • Fix : featured pages not translated by wpml. Fixes #1205
  • Fix : don’t update the defaults when wp_installing()
  • Fix : preview error on singulars. Fixes #1194
  • Fix : typo in customizer controls
  • Fix : slider caption elements, default Fittext minsizes too high. Fixes #1191
  • Fix : link whole slide not including the caption. Fixes #1140
  • Fix : colors of the search form in dark overlay. Fixes #1185
  • Fix : closing slide’s title h1 html tag. Fixes #1188
  • Fix : hamburger too dark on hover. fixes #1200
  • Fix : hamburger lines taking a 2px height randomly
  • Fix : logo / title stays shrinked when slowly scrolling up. fixes #1199. fixes #1192
  • Imp : slider bullets closer to the bottom and margin set in em
  • Imp : improve ol/ul margins in .tc-content-inner (.entry-content). Fixes #1183. Also slightly improve the cite element style.
  • Imp : set shrinked logo height with max-height instead of height => to inherit the animation
  • Imp : snaked submenu caret moved and rotated on the relevant side when “snaking”
  • Updated : footer credit links to customizr theme page instead of presscustomizr home page
  • Added : header custom back/fore-ground color options in modern style

9 thoughts on “Release note for Customizr Pro v2.0.11 and Customizr free v4.0.9

  • Reply

    Hello , I am not able to find head section , I put my code in header section, Please can you help where I can find head section, I have already searched in header.php sections.

  • Reply
    Danny Crumpton


    How can I use a video for my Slider, Header, main image? Similar to what you have for your renewal/payment confirmation page?

    I would like to use a looped video instead of a slider.

  • Reply
    Petrina Ho

    Thank you for assisting to troubleshoot missing thumbnails – I might have to wait for the next update to try the theme again. It worked literally for 10 mins before none of the images loaded again 🙁

    But.. This is indeed a great theme – I will probably go back to it.. once i can solve this really odd issue with it..

    Thanks again! +1 for all the assistance rendered!

  • Reply

    Hi, how do I change footer_credits?
    none of these filters are working anymore!

    add_filter( ‘footer_credits’, ‘tc_fotograf_wp_powered’ );
    add_filter( ‘tc_wp_powered’, ‘tc_fotograf_wp_powered’ );
    add_filter( ‘tc_credits_display’, ‘tc_fotograf_wp_powered’ );
    add_filter( ‘tc_credit_link’, ‘tc_privacy_policy’ );

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