Release note for Customizr Pro v2.0.11 and Customizr free v4.0.9

Dear Customizr users, you’ll find below the changelog of the new releases.

We have fixes several bugs reported in the forum and the support helpdesk.

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank all users who are taking the time to help us improving the theme by reporting bugs. This is really awesome 🙂

The new versions are safe for child theme users.


= Changelog =

  • Fix : global skin CSS not printed when no custom header skin. Fixes #1215.
  • Fix : various html fixes like duplicated ids or data attributes
  • Fix : featured pages not translated by wpml. Fixes #1205
  • Fix : don’t update the defaults when wp_installing()
  • Fix : preview error on singulars. Fixes #1194
  • Fix : typo in customizer controls
  • Fix : slider caption elements, default Fittext minsizes too high. Fixes #1191
  • Fix : link whole slide not including the caption. Fixes #1140
  • Fix : colors of the search form in dark overlay. Fixes #1185
  • Fix : closing slide’s title h1 html tag. Fixes #1188
  • Fix : hamburger too dark on hover. fixes #1200
  • Fix : hamburger lines taking a 2px height randomly
  • Fix : logo / title stays shrinked when slowly scrolling up. fixes #1199. fixes #1192
  • Imp : slider bullets closer to the bottom and margin set in em
  • Imp : improve ol/ul margins in .tc-content-inner (.entry-content). Fixes #1183. Also slightly improve the cite element style.
  • Imp : set shrinked logo height with max-height instead of height => to inherit the animation
  • Imp : snaked submenu caret moved and rotated on the relevant side when “snaking”
  • Updated : footer credit links to customizr theme page instead of presscustomizr home page
  • Added : header custom back/fore-ground color options in modern style

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