Release note for Customizr Pro v2.0.23+ and Customizr Free v4.0.16+

Dear Customizr theme users,

This first new release of the year fixes minor problems reported by our users in the support helpdesk and in the free theme forum.

We have also updated the set of Font Awesome icons to its latest version ( version 5 ). While most of them are unchanged, you might notice some tiny design changes for some icons.

The @presscustomizr team and I wish you successful and happy new year 2018 !



  • Fix: fix animated underline not removable in some navigation menus. Also do not underline current menu item when the underline hover effect option is disabled. fixes #1363
  • Fix: vertical menu items with children and expand on click not styled when using the Font Customizer
  • Fix: the number of feat. pages by line option disappearing after selection in the customizer
  • Fix: remove useless @import rules for unused gfonts. fixes #1366
  • Fix: Wp icon font-family possible override with the pro Font Customizer. Fixes #1350
  • Fix: List in wc product description missing list style type. Fixes #1354
  • Fix: slider caption not centered in ipad Mini. Fixes #1356
  • Fix: clicking menu items with children and no URL bring to 404. Fixes #1358
  • Fix: remove unwanted vertical separator before comments link in single posts. Fixes #1381
  • Fix: tagline not displayed in the header. fixes #1389
  • Fix: wording typo in the featured pages description placeholder
  • Improved: improve mobile menu horizontal alignment. fixes #1380
  • Improved: full page search form focus/blur on overlay open/close. fixes #1374
  • Improved: upgraded the Font Awesome icon set to its latest version. adresses #1364

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