Extend Customizr with Featured Pages Unlimited

Howdy Customizr’s users!

Since its inception back in may 2013, Customizr has been designed to be…customizable!  I have been working hard to make the code as easy to extend as possible for developers, by providing a very flexible development framework along with an API of hooks. The theme now acts like a collection of plugins that can be easily disabled/enabled of modified without touching the core code.

If you are not familiar with the hook’s API of Customizr, you might want to have a look at the code snippets section, where you’ll find many examples of customizations for any parts / features of your website.


For those who prefer to get ready to use add-ons whitout having to dive into the code, a new section called extensions has come to life. There you’ll find plugins and themes, ready to use with Customizr, allowing you to add great features to your website.


Today, I am happy to present the freshly released Featured Pages Unlimited. This is a plugin that adds handy features to the built-in Customizr featured pages like unlimited number of pages, layout options or the ability to choose which elements to display. Of course, this is all integrated nicely in the customizer, so that you design it live, like the theme’s native options.


random-colored-featured-pagesThere is one special feature in this plugin for which I am particularly enthusiastic : the “flat design” random color checkbox.

In facts, it is pretty simple stuffs but very nice and refreshing : when enabled, this option paints your featured pages blocks (circle image, title, excerpt and button) with beautiful and random “flat design” looking colors.

Because those colors are randomly set, this makes the front page unique for every single visitor, and I just love this idea!


 I hope you will enjoy this addition to the theme and I look forward to reading your feedbacks about it!





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