Customizr release (minor) note for version 3.5.17, June 17th 2017 23

Dear Customizr theme users,

We apologize for the frequent updates recently. This one is a minor one and should have been pushed live later, like we do usually, but we had to release it sooner because it fixes an unexpected visual bug reported in the theme’s forum.

Cheers 🙂

= Changelog for version 3.5.17 =

  • Fix: missing front js custom events: tc-resize, partialRefresh.czr fixes #961
  • Fix: fix access to undefined tc_rectangular_size class property fixes #971
  • Fix: typo producing Class ‘CZR__’ not found in classical retro compat fixes #972
  • Imp: exclude helpblock elements from allowed dropcap elements
  • Imp: improve deploying process to avoid headers already sent issues

23 thoughts on “Customizr release (minor) note for version 3.5.17, June 17th 2017

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    I have a problem with jquery now, “jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:4 Uncaught TypeError: illegal invocation”. Not possible to use shortcodes on homepage, any idea to repair it ? help me please 🙁 Thank you

    site :

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    All of my sidebar widgets moved to the bottom of the page. I was able to rectify it by making the main wrapper 100%, but then shifted everything to the left. I rectified that by adding padding, but now the mobile version is all wonky. Is there a better way to fix this?

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    Not sure if it’s something my end, but for some reason on my upgraded site (but was the same prior to upgrade),I can’t scroll down the page by use of the scroll wheel on my mouse. All other webpages work just fine with my scroll wheel, but on both my site and on this customizer site, the scroll wheel just won’t work to scroll up/down – a bit frustrating! Otherwise, love the theme – thanks!

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    Alexandru Tabalae

    Hi Nicolas,
    i’ve solved the problem, now the WYSIWYG editor works again. I added the line:

    under the

    line and saved the wp-config file.

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    Alexandru Tabalae

    Hi Nicolas,
    congrats on your work but since i updated 3.5.17, i cannot see the WYSIWYG editor anymore. Also the text in the editor field is white (you can see it only by selecting it).
    Is this a general problem? I couldn’t find anyone complaining about this update
    Thanks in advance

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    Ron van Middendorp

    Can’t help thinking that this rise in minor updates and quick-fixes shows an underlying problem that needs fixing…

    Things were going so well, I am still very fond of the Theme – although it becomes more and more difficult for a non-programmer to see what is going on and thus make quick cosmetic/functional changes – stay on top of this, please…

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      Everything is OK and under control on our side, no worries.
      I’m sorry about those frequent updates recently. This is mostly related to the new design option that will be introduced very soon. Nothing will be broken on your website 🙂 This is our team’s primary concern !

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    Thijs Visser

    Hoi Nicolas,

    I update the new version 3.5.17, the public site section now have changed from the big white screen now into the very first edition of our site! How can i change it back to the latest edition / size we normaly use?
    Like to hear from you.
    Greets Thijs

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    Thijs Visser

    Hoi Nicolas,
    We also have a probleem with the new update, below the error discription. The public section of our site shows a big white sreen, the admin section shows the site as it was at the very first version, this one is not the one we were using recently.

    I hope you can help fixing the problem.

    With kind regards
    Thijs Visser

    FastCGI: server “/var/run/php-fpm/php56/php-cgi” stderr: PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function elegant_description() in /sites/ on line 16

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    Summer Wilson

    And this one broke both my sites 🙁

    Throwing error of Warning: array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array in [path]/wp-content/themes/customizr/core/init-base.php on line 694

    at the top of every page 🙁

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    Not sure if it’s for my site only, but the design breaks if you include pictures with captions AND the ‘>’ (greater than) character in the body text. In my specific case, I had 10+ images in my post, all with captions, titles, and alt text. In one of my tags, I had the ‘>’ character in the heading and it broke the design of my site.

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