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The Customizr WordPress Theme v3.0.9 is live. Some bugs (many reported by the user in the forum!) have been fixed, two new social networks have been added in the customizer panel (WordPress, Instagram), the theme is now translated in Italian and Swedish, a help screen and button have been added in admin.


New features

WordPress and Instagram are added in the Customizr panel

In the customizer panel > social networks section, you can now enter your profiles in those two social networks. Those new networks have been asked by several users in the forum :

Customizr is translated in Swedish and Italian!

Thanks to Johnny Nyström for the Swedish translatiton and to Electricfeet (see his WordPress profile here) for the Italian one!

New buttons and page in the admin

Following the creation of the Customizr FAQ page on, I decided to create a direct access from admin to all different kind of help on Customizr : documentation, FAQ and user forum.

Some improvements

Custom CSS now allows special characters

This improvement will allow webdesigner to add any kind of css in the custom css field!

Better compatibility with Jetpack carrousel

If  the jetpack plugin is enabled, we avoid filtering the post_gallery hook. This eliminates any conflict with the Jetpack carrousel.

Better css structure, media queries are grouped at the end of the css files

Fixed bugs

  • function tc_is_home() was not checking the case where display nothing on home page. No impact for child theme users. Thanks to monten01, rdellconsulting
  • When the permalink structure was not set to default, conditional tags is_page() and is_attachement() stopped working. They are now replaced by tests on $post -> post_type in class-main-content.php
  • test if jet_pack is enabled before filtering post_gallery hook => avoid conflict
  • @media print modified to remove links thanks to electricfeet
  • btn-info style is back to original Bootstrap style thanks to jo8192
  • featured pages text => html tags are removed from page excerpt

What is next?

  • Better custom post type support => possibility to add slides (like for a post or page now) and to change layout on a post by post basis
  • New code snippets “ready to paste” available in a dedicated section of themesandco


I hope you will enjoy this new release and your comments are always welcome!


10 thoughts on “Customizr v3.0.9 is live!

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    I’m loving this theme…and the live css editor and css snippets are very helpful as I venture for the first time into customizing CSS!! So, thank you! I have a question about an image that appears at the top of all of my pages: a gray rectangle with three lines (like a page, I suppose). Is there any way to remove that image from my pages? Is it there because it is a page as opposed to a post? Many thanks!

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    I love the layout though have some strange trouble with it – it shows fine on my home PC but not on any other PC – the logo and round images are not showing. Do you know what might be interfering with it (I assume it’s a plug in?)

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      Hi Suzanne,
      Yes it might be a plugin conflict.
      If you still have issues, could you please coninue the discussion on customizr forum?
      Thanks and enjoy the theme.

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    This is theme is just fantastic. One of the best i´ve tried so far including some that costs me around 40 bucks 🙂
    The slider is so well implemented.

    great job guys

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    Thx you for your work! This theme is really great!=)

    It’d be awesome if it’d be possible to change bg colors/pics, not just standart color scheme colors.

    Will be very thankfull for your help!

    Kind wishes

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    Hi Nicolas
    I’m very excited to see the Customizr update as I am just setting up my wordpress site with your awesome Customizr theme!
    I have one stumbling block though – I am trying to customise the slider bar. But I can’t see how to do it in the left hand menu, and the buttons on the demo slider are not working for me to ‘learn more’?
    Any help much appreciated!

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