Customizr v3.1.9 : fix for WooCommerce issue 44


If you are using WooCommerce, you might have an issue after updating Customizr theme with v3.1.9  : products page dissapearing or displays issues in your single product page if you have one or two sidebars.

This issue can be fixed by installing the next and safe version available here :

or with the following code snippet before the next update:


Visit this link to learn more about how and where to copy this :

Please apologize for the inconvenience, the next update will fix this. It will be set to live as soon as possible.
Best regards,

44 thoughts on “Customizr v3.1.9 : fix for WooCommerce issue

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    I had a plugin installed called Ultimate WooCommerce Brands, but after updating customizer the brand description disappeared on the brand pages, so I checked out the plugin’s wordpress issue forum and found this post:

    Ultimate WooCommerce Brands
    [resolved] Brand DESCRIPTION does not display on brand pages.

    The plugin author says its a theme issue. Someone in this post says they resolved it by creating a file called taxonomy-product_brand.php and added code accordingly. but did not share this code. Wondering if someone can help me resolve this issue.

    Thank you please!

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    John Hartman

    I am using the Customizr theme with Shopp ecommerce plugin. Navigating through categories and sub-categories works fine but when getting to an individual product all my drop down menus in the main menu expand and just sit there. I can’t find any such problems relating to Shopp and this doesn’t occur for any other theme I have tried. Any help?

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    Hi there, I’m trying to download the Woocommerce plugin to Customizr theme and everytime I do it gives me a 500 error and I have to delete the plugin manually before getting back to the admin page. Any ideas?

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    Terry Yuen

    I am having trouble filling the contact page in Android device. The keyboard just go peek a boo and wouldn’t let me type on it. I am using Customizr version 3.9.2

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    I’ve the 3.1.19 of Customizr and 2.1.12 of WooCommerce and I still have the same problem …
    There is nothing on my product details :/
    All the product appear on the page but when I choose one to see detail , I’ve a blank page …

    Thanks for all your work 😉

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      Hi NoVaz, would you mind sharing the url of your website?
      As you can see in the demo site, Woocommerce works fine with Customizr..
      You might want to try to desactivate some plugin and see what you get?

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    Hi! I’m using the 3.1.19 version. The “flyer” product which used the variable products of woocommerce doesn’t work very well. Can you help me please. Thank you.

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    Hi I have just downloaded the customizr 3.1.14 theme, but when i update to 3.1.12 i started having problems with my images. My product page now was only in 2 columns with large thumbnails in poor quality, whereas before these updates it was in 4 columns, the thumbnails were smaller and were good quality. Also when i go into the individual product pages the quality is still quite poor unless i click on the gallery. I have tried regenerating some of the images but it seems to do nothing. Can anyone help??

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    I have a problem with WooCommerce. I want to hide or remove the sidebar of the product page, only main content.

    I have tried many ways in code but …

    Even thought out how to tell that only increase the width of the page number identification (with your ID number), but … I still do not get it.

    I think it should be much simpler. It’s a sidebar. Not quantum physics.

    Obviously, from page Customizr, is configured without sidebars, occupying 100% of the width. But … WooCommerce imposes its right sidebar.

    Could you help me?. Thank you.

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    Hi Nicolas, first of all a big thanks for this great theme.
    I discovered another issue in WooCommerce on Android devices , users cannot complete the fields.

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    Rocco Aliberti

    Doug, that option is in 3.1.10.
    Also you say “I have added the 3.1.9 Custom CSS code snippet designed to prevent this”. This is not a custom css, it’s a php code you should put in your child-theme functions.php. If you don’t wanna do that, just upgrade customizr to the last version (3.1.10), which fixes this issue with woocommerce .
    Hope this helps 😉

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    Doug Simpson

    My WooCommerce page and Customizr are in conflict, and the products page shows only for an instant on loading (Firefox, Chrome. and IE), then disappears. I have added the 3.1.9 Custom CSS code snippet designed to prevent this, but the problem persists. Any help on this would be great. Thanks! Doug

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      Hi Doug,
      Can you try to uncheck the option under Customiz’it > Responsive Settings? This should fix your problem.
      Thanks for your feedback on this!

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        Doug Simpson

        I don’t have “Responsive Settings” anywhere–not that I can find. I just don’t see any such option checkbox.

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    HI Nicolas
    I dont know if my problem is the same than this post… but I do not know where to ask.
    this is the problem:
    I installed woocommerce and setup his default page.
    All the woocommerce pages have the same layout of the other static page (centered title, no page icon ecc…), but the product page of woocommerce have not the same style/layout (title left).
    the question is this:
    how can I change the style of product page in customizr? (I want only center the page title and remove the breadcumbs)
    this is the link to product page.
    Thank you

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    Jovanny Ixba

    hello Nicolas my Name is Jovanny Ive installed your theme Customizr its beatiful congrats, Im setting up woocommerce but I dont know how to set categories in the main menu, actually I could configure one category but when I click it the page its empy do you know why?


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        Hi this prob the wrong place for this question but can’t see a spot for it. Can I change designed by Themes in the footer somehow?
        I would like to put my own business name there.Much and all as I think theme customizr is just beautiful I need to advertise my biz.

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