Customizr v3.1.9 : fix for WooCommerce issue


If you are using WooCommerce, you might have an issue after updating Customizr theme with v3.1.9  : products page dissapearing or displays issues in your single product page if you have one or two sidebars.

This issue can be fixed by installing the next and safe version available here :

or with the following code snippet before the next update:

add_action ('after_setup_theme' , 'tc_woocommerce_fix', 30);

function tc_woocommerce_fix() {
    remove_action('woocommerce_before_main_content', 'tc_woocommerce_wrappers', 10);
    add_action('woocommerce_before_main_content', 'tc_woocommerce_wrappers_fix', 10);

    function tc_woocommerce_wrappers_fix() {
          <div id="main-wrapper" class="<?php echo tc__f( 'tc_main_wrapper_classes' , 'container' ) ?>">

          <?php do_action( '__before_main_container' ); ##hook of the featured page (priority 10) and breadcrumb (priority 20)...and whatever you need! ?>
          <div class="container" role="main">
              <div class="<?php echo tc__f( 'tc_column_content_wrapper_classes' , 'row column-content-wrapper' ) ?>">

                  <?php do_action( '__before_article_container'); ##hook of left sidebar?>
                      <div id="content" class="<?php echo tc__f( '__screen_layout' , tc__f ( '__ID' ) , 'class' ) ?> article-container">
                          <?php do_action ('__before_loop');##hooks the header of the list of post : archive, search... ?>



Visit this link to learn more about how and where to copy this :

Please apologize for the inconvenience, the next update will fix this. It will be set to live as soon as possible.
Best regards,

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