Customizr theme v3.2.1 : fixing the menu issue/bug on responsive mode

Updated : New version of the theme to download here : ↓ Download Customizr v3.2.2


A bug has been identified in the Customizr 3.2.1 version.

The menu won’t stay open on mobile devices finger tap actions. It’s opening and closing.

Here’s a simple patch to fix it :

1) download the plugin .zip file here  ↓ Download the patch for v3.2.1  ,

2) Upload it like any regular plugin and activate it.


If you are familiar with php, you can paste this code into your functions.php file :


add_action('wp_footer' , 'fix_menu_bug_3_2_1');
function fix_menu_bug_3_2_1() {
	if ( ! wp_is_mobile() )
	<script id="fix-menu-bug-3-2-1" type="text/javascript">
		jQuery( function($) { $(document).off('' , "**");})

A new and clean version of the theme will be available soon.


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