The Customizr theme is now compatible with WPML Multilingual Plugin (pro v1.2.13+, free v3.4.15+) 1


Release note for Customizr Pro v1.2.13 (Customizr free v3.4.15)

How to install Customizr ? Check this documentation page.


Compatibility with the WPML Multilingual Plugin

We’ve been successfully collaborating with the WPML developers during the last weeks to ensure a full compatibility of the Customizr theme with the WPML plugin.


Embed a post slider in any post or page (Pro option)

In this new release, we’ve added the possibility to embed a post generated slider to any post or page. It’s available in your slider dropdown list at the bottom of each pages or posts edit screen.


You can select the number of posts to show and filter the post by categories.


Languages Updates

  • Updated: Norwegian translation. Thanks to Marvin Wiik.
  • Updated Brazilan Portuguese. Thanks to Helena Handa.


Various fixes

  • Fix: wrong variable declaration in the main front js file
  • Fix: better way to check if the search query has results
  • Fix: the-events-calendar: fix showing the content twice in single event pages fixes #396
  • Fix: display header in multisite signup/activate pages
  • Fix: fix column layouts in Help and About admin pages
  • Improved: disable the front end notices when customizing


One thought on “The Customizr theme is now compatible with WPML Multilingual Plugin (pro v1.2.13+, free v3.4.15+)

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    erik nielsen

    Hello. I’m having problems with displaying the front page and the feature pages in more than one language. Is Customizr Pro 1.2.38 fully compatible with WMPL (Multilingual CMS)? If so, why can’t I get the front page and the feature pages displayed in more than one language. As for the menus and pages there are no compatibility issues (works great). Kind regards, Erik

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