Customizr Pro v1.2.11+ release note (Customizr free v3.4.14+)

Released overview

Front End

On front-end, we’ve simply added a WordPress icon credit link in the footer.




For logged-in admin users, a new notice will be displayed about the Smart Load feature, allowing to boost the page load when there are many images embedded in a page.


Plugin compatibility

We’ve improved the compatibility with WPGlobus, a multilingual plugin.

The other improvements are under the hood.


Detailed Changelog

  • Add: Added a dismissable help notice on front-end in post lists about using img smart-load
  • Add : add Powered by Wordpress in footer credits
  • updated : German translation, thanks to Martin Bangermann
  • Fix: menu display element, cast element classes to array fixes #372
  • Fix: Deep link to customizer menu panel in a control description fixes #244
  • Fix: Deep link to the featured page control in the removable front end block fixes #246
  • Fix: better handling of the simple-load event triggered on holders fixes #377

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