Customizr Pro (v1.2.20+) and free themes (v3.4.20+) are compatible with WordPress 4.5 4

The Customizr Pro and Customizr free themes have been successfully tested with WordPress 4.5. The version 4.5 of WordPress is still in beta but we’ve made sure that our themes are compatible with the latest innovations.

The latest versions of the Customizr themes are fixing minor issues reported by our users. The main one being that WooCommerce users can now display their shopping cart in a sticky header, even when scrolling on the page.



  • update: translations ru_RU and id_ID
  • Fix: calendar widget style in footer with multiple widget instances
  • Fix: disable smoothscroll touchpad support by default
  • Imp: move the woocommerce header options, option do display the shopping cart on scroll
  • Imp: wp 4.5 compatibility better rendering of the rating block in the customizer
  • Fix: do not display menu-button when mobile+scrolling+sticky+not_allowed fixes #571

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