Customizr Pro v1.2.10+ release note (Customizr free v3.4.13+)

Main change : addition of a performance help notice in posts or pages including more than 2 images.

The user is invited to enable the option : Load Images on scroll in the customizer > Advanced Options :



= Changelog for v 1.2.10 October 16th 2015 =

  • added : performance help notice on front-end for posts/pages showing more than 2 images
  • updated : Italian Translation thanks to Giorgio Riccardi
  • fix: better support for Visual Composer, prevent conflicts with anchor links in visual composer elements
  • fix: better support for The Events Calendar, events list view fixes #353
  • fix: better support for JetPack’s photon, load imgs from cdn
  • updated Polish translation. Thanks to Krzysztof Busłowicz
  • fix : better retro compatibility for the customizer preview for WP version under 4.1
  • fix: Select a submenu expansion option disappears #340
  • fix: allow control deeplink in the customizer
  • fix: limit previous fix to ie9 and below
  • fix: slider-controls always visible in ie9- In such browsers the opacity+transition doesn’t really work fine, let’s make them always visible
  • Fix: Featured Pages : hide theme’s skin style buttons when required
  • Fix: Featured Pages : Customizer- hide thumbnails related sub-options when ‘Display
  • Fix: Featured Pages : Customizer – hide ‘slave’ options on wp ready when ‘master’ options

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