Introducing Customizr Pro v1.2+ (Customizr Free v3.4+)

The Customizr Pro theme version 1.2+ (v3.4+) has been successfully tested with the latest WordPress v4.3 “Billie” release. The theme comes with many design improvements :  a vertical side menu, smooth scrolling, sticky footer.

We’ve also worked on making it easier to start with for first time users of the theme, by adding removable placeholders and informations boxes on front end for logged in users.

A vertical and animated side menu, mobile friendly

The version 1.2 of Customizr Pro introduces a new side menu that can be combined with another horizontal menu in your header.

The side menu has been designed with a modern and clean mobile friendly style. It’s been successfully tested with most browsers and works with IE8.

We’ve worked on various dynamic and stylish reveal effects that we hope you’ll love as we do !

Try the various side menu effects

New set of options in the Customizr



A reveal effet picker for pro users



Smooth Scroll

This option adds a smoother scroll experience. Test it in the demo to see the difference.

Test the Smooth Scroll live in the demo


Sticky Footer

Short pages can now display a footer sticked to the bottom instead of floating in the middle.





New option in the customizer in the Footer panel



New help notices on front end for admin logged-in users



Under the hood improvements

We’ve improved our code in the customizer and the preview frame refreshes faster.

The Customizr theme is ready for WordPress version 4.3 scheduled to be released by mid-August.


Detailed changelog

  • added : new features for sliders : use a custom link, possibility to link the entire slide and to open the page in a new tab
  • added : new default sidenav menu
  • added : new optional secondary menu
  • added : new default page menu
  • added : new feature smoothscroll option in customize > Global Settings
  • added : new feature Sticky Footer in customize > Footer
  • added : a “sidebars” panel in the customizer including a social links section. (moved from global settings > Social links). Header and Footer social links checkboxes have been also moved into their respective panels.
  • added : a theme updated notice that can be dismissed. Automatically removed after 5 prints.
  • added : various optional front end help notices and placeholder blocks for first time users.
  • added : (Featured paged) the theme skin is now available for the buttons
  • fix : avoid blocks reordering when they contain at least one iframe (avoid some reported plugin conflicts)
  • fix : video post format, show full content in alternate layout
  • fix : display slider-loading-gif only if js enabled
  • fix : display a separator after the heading in the page for posts (when not home)
  • fix : html5shiv is loaded only for ie9-
  • fix : dynamic sidebar reordering of the sidebar was not triggered since latest front js framework implementation improved : used of the tc-resize event for all resize related actions added : secondary menu items re-location for responsivereplaced : (js) ‘resize’ event by the custom ‘tc-resize’
  • fix : anchors smooth scroll – exclude ultimate members anchor links
  • changed : customize transport of the header layout setting is now ‘refresh’
  • improved : modernizr upgraded to the latest version
  • improved : customizer preview is refreshed faster

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