The version 1.1.11 of Customizr Pro ( the corresponding free version is v3.3.28) includes mostly under the hood improvements, to prepare a major and exciting updates coming soon :).

The visible changes are :

  • updates in Hebrew and Swedish translations
  • better compatibility with ie8 and ie9
  • rtl improvements for the sliders (swiping and control directions )


Please find the detailed changelog below

  • fix : drop cap not working with composed words including the ‘-‘ character
  • fix: allow img smartload in mobiles
  • fix: new emoji core script collision with svg tags => falls back to classic smileys if <svg> are loaded on the pages (by holder.js)
  • fix: do not add no-effect class to round-divs when center images on
  • fix: prevent hiding of selecter dropdown
  • fix: use original img sizes
  • fix: some ie8 fixes for the new front-js
  • fix : reset margin for sticky header was not using the right variable
  • fix : close tc-page-wrapper before wp_footer() to avoid issues with wp admin bar
  • fix: when unhooking tc_parse_imgs for nextgen compatibility use proper priority
  • fix: better rtl slide controls and swiping(js)
  • changed : replace load function by loadCzr() => load might be a reserved word
  • updated translations for v 3.3.26
  • updated Hebrew translations f v3.3.26
  • added : split main front js into parts
  • added : js czrapp extendable object
  • added : sticky header as a sub class of Czr_Base
  • added : js event handlers for sidebar reordering actions
  • added : cleaner class inheritance framework for front end js
  • added : a div#tc-page-wrap including header, content and footer
  • added : oldBrowserCompat.js file including map + object.create
  • added : filter method to the Array.prototype for old browsers
  • added : a simple event manager set of methods in the front czrapp js
  • fix : post-navigation regression introduced while merging rtl code
  • fix: better check whether print or not the widget placeholder script
  • added : option filter and better contx retro compat to default
  • updated : Swedish translation sv_SE.po


Pro users : If you have any question or issues, please report them in the Customizr Pro forum, we’ll be happy to help 🙂 !

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