Customizr new release : v3.3.21 (Pro : 1.1.5)

What’s new in the latest release of the Customizr theme  : v3.3.21 for Customizr (free) and v1.1.5 for Customizr Pro ?


Plugins compatibilities

  • Optimize Press : the plugin is now compatible with Customizr free and Pro.
  • BuddyPress : don’t show regular comments in BuddyPress pages
  • NextGen Gallery plugin : some partial compatibility has been added fixing an issue reported here.
  • Sensei WooTheme addon is now compatible with Customizr free and Pro.


New gallery options

The gallery options were missing in the Customizr options. They’ve been added in this releases in the customizer content panel.




Various improvements

  • Customizr Pro Grid : the excerpt length can now be set without limitations in the grid layout even when the grid effects are enabled (grid customizer)
  • RTL : better support for post navigation arrows. Thanks to Yaacov Glezer.
  • Private taxonomies are not displayed anymore


Various fixes and code improvements

  • Fix : no post thumbnail option was not working for the post grid layout
  • Fix: use the correct post id when retrieving the grid layout
  • Fix: use amatic weight 400 instead of 700, workaround for missing question mark
  • Fix: remove reference to the tag, use site-description tag
  • Fix: display unknown archive types headings; use if/else statement when retrieving archive headings/classes immediatily return the archive class when asked for and achiFix: amend typo in the last commit
  • Fix: disable fade hover links for first level menu items in ie
  • Fix: add customize code and fix previous errors
  • Fix: add gallery options, remove useless rewrite of gallery code
  • Fix: scroll top when no dropdown menu sized to viewport and no back-to-top, don’t refer to not existing variable
  • Fix: consider both header borders and eventual margins when retrieving its height
  • Fix : RTL-ing Pre-Phase : setting the correct direction of arrows
  • Fix: disabling global tc_post_metas didn’t hide metas
  • Fix: cache and use cached common jquery elements
  • Fix: don’t print private taxonomies in post metas tags
  • Fix: display other grid options and jumb to the blog design options in customize
  • Fix : grid customizer effect-5 title style


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