Customizr v3.5.7 and v3.5.8 release note

Dear Customizr theme users,

This new release fixes minor issues reported on the theme forum ( see the changelog at the bottom), and reinforce the theme compliancy with the latests theme guidelines on

The main visible change is the default slider on home becoming the posts slider. This will only impact users who were using the demo slider on their home page.

Version 3.5.7 and v3.5.8 are safe for child theme users.


New call for translators

I was surprised by the number of emails received following the last call for translators. This has been a real success !

Congratulations to all the contributors from all over the world who have been involved in this first pass and received their free copy of Customizr Pro.

How to contribute ?

The process to become a contributor is very simple :

  1. First you need to get in touch with me and send me your username.
  2. Then I will publish a request to the team of your native language on, in order to add you as Editor for the theme ( see examples of editor requests here ).  This is why I need your WordPress username.
  3. As soon as you will become editor, you will be able to add, modify and approve the translations online.  You can also download and upload translation .po files  on each project page ( at the bottom ) if it is easier for you.
  4. When you’ll have completed at least 95% of the translation, let me know and I would be glad to send you the Customizr Pro theme.

Note : Each language team on has specific rules and wording requirements. This is important because it ensures that the translations of a given language are consistent accross all plugins and themes on Make sure that you follow the wordpress guidelines of your native language when translating.

If you have already contributed to the translation and did not request your Customizr Pro version yet, please drop me a line here !

Current translation status

A lot of new languages have been completed recently, but there are still many remaining opportunities if you want to contribute. The following is a screenshot of the current translation status of the Customizr theme.

If you are a native speaker of one of the languages that is below 95% of completion, you can contribute !



= 3.5.8 March 11th 2017 =

  • Fix: amend img_size param passed the wrong way to the posts slider builder fixes #840
  • Fix : removed li+li list style with 0.25em top margin

= 3.5.7 March 8th 2017 =

  • Fix: fix preview demo content should fix #785
  • Fix: fix wrong text domain in customizer files fixes #832
  • Fix: fix passing a non array to implode in the headings rendering fixes #830
  • Fix: fix small comment bubble borders issue introduced fixes #833
  • Fix: serverControlParams.translatedStrings by serverControlParams.i18n
  • Imp: improve slider loader visibility handling. Add javascript detection inline script in wp_head (ref. twentyseventeen and below)
  • Imp: init parallax slider in js files
  • Imp: WordPress theme guidelines, moved all hardcoded scripts in enqueued js file
  • Imp: in the customizer, display the front page layout control in the post layout section
  • Imp: posts slider, prevent get_posts if asking for n<1 posts
  • Changed : moved translated languages on polyglots : pt_BR, uk, tr_TR to lang_pro
  • Changed : the default slider is now the posts slider
  • Added : a default thumbnail for posts slides with no thumbnails
  • improved : li+li list style with 0.25em top margin
  • fix : default slider should show the demo slides when previewing

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