👌🎚️ WordPress 5.6 is here : Customizr free and pro are ready for it and prepared for WordPress 5.7

Dear Customizr theme users,

Customizr free (v4.3.14) and Customizr Pro (v2.3.14) implement performance improvements and javascript compatibility patches for the version 5.6 of WordPress released December 8, 2020.

The themes also improves accessibility for links within content.

Changelog December 10, 2020 :

  • fixed : [WP 5.6][WP 5.7] replaced deprecated shorthands
  • fixed : [WP 5.6][fancybox] Close (x) link not working on pop-up image in galleries
  • fixed : [WP Gallery Block] padding style conflict created by the theme
  • fixed : [headings] H3 heading size not smaller enough than H2 makes it difficult to distinguish
  • fixed : [WP 5.7] remove jquery-migrate dependencies
  • improved : [Font customizer][performance][JS] remove webfontload library from front js
  • improved : [Font customizer][performance][JS] write front js inline
  • improved : [Font customizer][performance][CSS] write base front CSS inline + load stylesheet for effects only when needed
  • improved : [Font customizer][performance][CSS] loads Google effect images locally
  • improved : [Home Features Pages][performance] print front js inline

Fixed in previous version :


Customizr free and pro are 100% compatible with WordPress 5.6 and with the latest version of Nimble Page Builder.



Recently introduced in the Customizr theme

New performance options

New option to display featured images in their original dimensions in single posts and pages.

new option for featured images

Better search form, more suited to web standards

Better support for images and galleries inserted with the new WordPress editor.

Better integration with Nimble Page Builder

We have recently released a simple yet powerful section builder named the Nimble Builder.

Nimble Builder allows you to drag and drop pre-built sections, or create your own sections in real-time from the WordPress customizer. You can easily create column layouts, and add content like buttons, icons, Google maps and even contact forms in any page.

Check out a live example of Nimble sections in the Customizr theme.

You can install it from your WordPress admin, in Plugins > Add New, search for Nimble Builder.

We are currently working on a knowledge base to help you getting started with the plugin, but you can take a quick tour of the Nimble Builder plugin in action, in the WordPress live customizer, on the screenshots below.

Creating a page with 3 pre-built sections

New option for a header on top of your content

We have recently introduced a new checkbox option for your header, allowing you to make it transparent and positionned on top of your content.

The option is available for your home page when using the modern style of the theme.

The example below shows how it looks when displayed on top of a home page slider.




Credit image : L’Onde, 2017, Florian Pugnaire & David Raffini, Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, https://raffini.net/works/

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