What’s new in Customizr v3.3.1 ?


New option : Load images on scroll and boost your page load performance

The version 3.3.1 of the Customizr theme includes a new option to improve your page load performance in Appearance > Customize > Advanced Settings > Website Performance.

This new option allows you to delay the loading of images located out of the viewport. Those images will be loaded dynamically on scroll.

This can drastically reduce your page’s weight if you are including many images in your posts or pages.




Developers have access to the javascript options (array) of this feature with the php filter : ‘tc_img_smart_load_options’


The main theme stylesheet has been split in two parts

In v3.3+ version, the main stylesheet is now split in two parts : in one stylesheet (like blue.min.css) the color rules (that can be changed in Appearance > Customize > Global Settings > Skins), and all the other css rules in a separate stylesheet named tc_common.min.css.

If you are using a concatenation tool for your stylesheets (like the one in W3C Total Cache for example), you’ll want to add the new stylesheets url of tc_common.min.css.


Other main changes

  • New language : zh_TW. Thanks to https://github.com/pppdog
  • Dropcap skips also ul,ol tags. Dropcaps are disabled by default in pages and posts
  • New filter tc_the_title, apply filters to the_title in Customizr contexts strictly

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